EuBI publishes first catalogue of biological and biomedical image data repositories


The Euro-BioImaging collection is the first public collection of image data repositories and is available at

Currently, there are several public image data repositories each that publish data from one or more specific experiments. These are independent resources, and to date, there is no connectivity between them. As a first step to building a fully functional Euro-BioImaging Image Data Repository, Work Package 6 of EuBI Preparatory Phase II has started to build a catalogue of these resources by surveying the global biological and biomedical communities and collecting details of known public image repositories. BioSharing is a public, curated, searchable portal of inter-related data standards, databases, and policies in the life, environmental and biomedical sciences. BioSharing harnesses community curation to collate and cross-reference resources across the life sciences from around the world, making them findable and accessible. Every record is interlinked, providing a detailed description not only on the resource itself, but also on its relations with other life science infrastructures. BioSharing is in the process of being recognized as an ELIXIR resource and a collaboration between Euro-BioImaging and Biosharing is in line with the Image Data Strategy jointly published by ELIXIR and Euro-BioImaging. We will continue to invite records to the Euro-BioImaging Collection during the term of the Prep Phase II project, and this resource can continue to be developed once Euro-BioImaging moves into construction.  The Euro-BioImaging collection is available at: