Euro-BioImaging Business Plan is now available


Euro-BioImaging published its comprehensive Business Plan, summing up recommendations for the construction and operation of the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure that were developed during the Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase.

During the last 3 years, the Euro-BioImaging consortium, structured in 13 Working Groups, analysed the needs of the biological and medical community for imaging technologies, the current state of the technology availability and the speed and direction of its development. Based on this, Working Groups developed and tested plans to construct Euro-BioImaging in a way that will provide the best possible service to all European life scientists. These recommendations are now summed up in one comprehensive document in the Euro-BioImaging Business Plan.

The Business Plan presents:

  • The need for Euro-BioImaging
  • Services to be provided by Euro-BioImaging: access to technology, training and data management
  • Mechanisms to assure highest level of service quality
  • Infrastructure model of Euro-BioImaging with Hub and Nodes
  • User access policy
  • Selection of Euro-BioImaging Nodes and technologies that should be offered
  • Governance and legal structure
  • Finance and cost plan for Euro-BioImaging Hub and Nodes
  • Euro-BioImaging impact and outreach to the communities and other infrastructures
  • Results of the Preparatory Phase
  • Next steps and the role of the Euro-BioImaging Interim Board

You can download the whole document here.