Euro-BioImaging Survey


The Euro-BioImaging survey was conducted online from June 1st until July 15th, 2011.

The aim of this survey is to identify the unmet needs and requirements of future users and to establish an inventory map of the existing imaging research infrastructure facilities including their training activities. Additionally the survey aims to collect information on funders` needs and views on European research imaging infrastructures.

The outcome of this survey will help us to define eligibility criteria for future Euro-BioImaging infrastructure nodes.

Below you will find all survey questionnaires for download.


Update August 2013: Results of the Euro-BioImaging survey can be found here.


Questionnaire_Infrastructure_User_Biological Imaging.pdf679.84 KB
Questionnaire_Infrastructure_User_Medical Imaging.pdf759.89 KB
Questionnaire_Infrastructure_ Provider_Biological_Imaging.pdf788.48 KB
Questionnaire_Infrastructure_Provider_Medical Imaging.pdf853.75 KB
Questionnaire_Infrastructure_for Clinical trials_HTA.pdf705.4 KB
Questionnaire_Infrastructure_Training questions only.pdf544.85 KB
Questionnaire_Infrastructure_Industry_Biological Imaging.pdf628.38 KB
Questionnaire_Infrastructure_Industry_Medical Imaging.pdf650.43 KB
Questionnaire_Infrastructure_Funding Organizations.pdf469.36 KB