More European countries are showing interest in joining and constructing Euro-BioImaging


Interest in implementation of the Euro-BioImaging ERIC is growing among European countries. Beside 12 European countries and EMBL that are currently represented in the Interim Board, observers from 5 other countries decided to closely follow activities leading to the establishment of Euro-BioImaging. Austria, Hungary Portugal, Sweden, and the German Research Foundation are now participating in IB meetings as observers.

Active participation allows them to gain better understanding of the Euro-BioImaging structure and progress, to communicate directly with IB members and to make their decision if and when their country will join the infrastructure. The  Euro-BioImaging Interim Board Secretariat can provide personal guidance and information for all countries that are interested in joining the meetings of the Euro-BioImaging Interim Board and following progress of Euro-BioImaging in person.

Interim Phase Secretariat:

Antje Keppler IPS
Pamela Zolda IPS
Tanja Ninkovic IPS