New gateway to the IDR - EuBI Image Data Resource


Today, the EuBI Interim Web Access portal opened its new entry point to the IDR (Image Data Resource). More information about the IDR can also be found in this pre-print.

Imaging data is highly likely to be the largest volume of data in the future of the life sciences, and EuBI partners have developed a pilot common image data repository and annotation framework to establish the value of integrating large numbers of distinct imaging studies into a single data warehouse. The pilot is based on UK funding for the University of Dundee, EMBL-EBI and the University of Cambridge.

Reference image datasets consist of experimental metadata, raw and processed images, and automatically and manually extracted data and annotations that parameterize the reference images with standard descriptors and ontologies (both quantitative and qualitative). Here, the EuBI Hub provides a framework for sharing and, where appropriate, the publication of reference image datasets, to make image data accessible and support Euro-BioImaging’s communities in maturing and increasing the value of their image data sets. This added value is in the form of data re-use, but also in the development and definition of image data standards, as well as annotation and curation and architectures for common repositories.

The EuBI IDR is hosted at EMBL-EBI, listed on BioSharing.Org and is also accessible here.