NEWS on EuBI Legal: Euro-BioImaging ERIC decided by Interim Board


In October 2014 Euro-BioImaging took a big step forward towards seting-up its own legal personality, which will enable the official start of Euro-BioImaging operation. The  Euro-BioImaging Interim Board (IB) decided that the "European Research Infrastructure Consortium" (ERIC) should be the future legal framework for Euro-BioImaging. This will allow Euro-BioImaging to have a legal personality recognized in participating EU member states and to enjoy the privileges linked to it.

The ERIC model has been developed by the EC especially for high-profile research infrastructures with European dimensions. As an ERIC, Euro-BioImaging will freely select its headquarter, define its statutes, and enjoy the status of an international organisation, along with benefits like VAT and excise duties exemption on its purchases or adoption of its own procurement procedures.

One of the first steps towards becoming ERIC will be the selection of the country that will host the ERIC statutory seat. As soon as this country is identified, it will prepare and submit the ERIC application to the European Comission. The European Commission and a committee of external advisors will decide whether the infrastructure’s application complies with the ERIC regulation, and if Euro-BioImaging will be granted this legal status. The countries represented in the IB are now sending their national legal experts for drafting together a first outline of the ERIC statutes.