Start of Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase Project


Today, the Euro-BioImaging Consortium of the three year Preparatory Phase Project is proud to announce the official project start. The Preparatory Phase is funded under FP7 by the European Commission. The main objectives of the consortium are to develop a plan to construct and operate a set of complementary and strongly interlinked infrastructure facilities based on comprehensive assessment user needs regarding their requirements for service, access and training. Furthermore, the legal, governmental and financial framework for the research infrastructure will be developed and the commitment of future partners (funding bodies) will be assured.  

The Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase consortium comprises 39 core partners and more than 180 associate partner institutions from 23 countries. The broad interest in this research infrastructure even before the official project start clearly indicates the pan-European support for the vision of Euro-BioImaging.

Please find below the official press release:

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