5th Euro-BioImaging Stakeholders Meeting




The 5th Euro-BioImaging Stakeholder Meeting took place at EMBL, Heidelberg on November 25/26, 2013.

We would like to cordially thank to all our Stakeholders for joining and showing their unanimous support to the project.

The meeting was a great success!

Please find the presentations from the meeting sessions attached below.

We look forward to keeping the momentum and continuing towards Euro-BioImaging construction with all the enthusiasm that was felt during the meeting.



Invitation letter to all Euro-bioImaging Stakeholders

During the last year of the preparatory phase, Euro-BioImaging successfully carried out the 1st call for Nodes and finalized plans for its infrastructure model and user access policies. With the preparatory phase coming to an end, Euro-BioImaging will enter into a transition phase to achieve implementation. This phase will be guided by the Euro-BioImaging Interim Board, which represents the future Euro-BioImaging Members States.
You can learn more about the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure model and about the next steps Euro-BioImaging is taking towards the implementation phase at this upcoming Stakeholder meeting.
The meeting will foster interaction between future Euro-BioImaging infrastructure providers, users, funders, Interim Board members and industry representatives, providing a unique platform for a productive discussion about the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure model, establishment of Nodes and future operation. Please find the agenda attached below.
We will also inform you on the recent Euro-BioImaging activities such as the outcome of the 1st open call for Nodes, and we invite all Stakeholders to use the opportunity to foster their cooperation at the national and European level.


Yours sincerely,
Dr. Jan Ellenberg (EMBL) and Prof. Oliver Speck (EIBIR)
Euro-BioImaging Scientific Coordinators


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5th Euro-BioImaging Stakeholder Meeting-Agenda.pdf113.63 KB
Status Report - Oliver Speck.pdf845.6 KB
Importance of access to imaging research infrastructure in Europe- Karsten Specht and Judith Klumperman.pdf981.51 KB
The Euro-BioImaging Operational Infrastructure and Access Model - John Eriksson.pdf1.46 MB
The Euro-BioImaging Hub and Node Model and its Governance Structure- Antje Keppler.pdf682.17 KB
The Euro-BioImaging 1st Open Call for Nodes - Pamela Zolda.pdf1.07 MB
Achievements of Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase - Jan Ellenberg.pdf2.11 MB
Next steps towards construction - Benny Geiger.pdf772.62 KB
ESFRI Research Infrastructurs and Horizon 2020- Ann Uustalu (European Commission).pdf926.35 KB
Break-our session Medical Imaging- Aad van der Lugt.pdf195.1 KB