Euro-BioImaging is led by the Scientific Coordinators




Dr. Jan Ellenberg (EMBL)                          Prof. Oliver Speck (EIBIR)
Scientific Coordinator BI                         Scientific Coordinator MI


Coordinating Persons for the respective Euro-BioImaging communities are listed here:


Advanced Light Microscopy

Molecular Imaging

Medical Imaging

Industry Board



For further information, please contact our Project Managers or Project Officers:


Dr. Pamela Zolda                                        Dr. Antje Keppler
Project Manager                                        Project Manager
Medical Imaging                                        Biological Imaging
EIBIR                                                           EMBL
phone: +43 1 533 4064 538                        phone: + 49 6221 387  8847                                     



                    Dr. Tanja Ninkovic
                    Project Officer
                    Biological Imaging

                    phone: + 49 6221 387 8480