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1st OPEN CALL FOR NODES, General Information

1st OPEN CALL FOR NODES, Criteria for Nodes


1st OPEN CALL FOR NODES, Forms for applicants

Part A

Part B





5th Stakeholder Meeting, Heidelberg, Nov 2013

4th Stakeholders Meeting, Vienna, Jan 2013

3rd Stakeholders Meeting


Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase Deliverables

WP1 - Project Management

WP2 - Legal, Governance and Ethical Issues

WP3 - Process Plan

WP4 - Finance Planning

WP5 - Networking and Communications

WP6 - Advanced Light Microscopy - General Access

WP7 - Advanced Light Microscopy - Access to Innovative Technology

WP8 - Molecular Imaging

WP9 - Medical Imaging - Access to Innovative Technology

WP10 - Medical Imaging - Patient to Population

WP11 - Data Storage and Analysis

WP12 - User Access

WP13 - Training

Euro-BioImaging Proof of Concept Studies - final-1.pdf255.51 KB
EUBI Proof-of-Concept Studies _ Outline_0-1.pdf38.29 KB
Euro-BioImaging - INSTRUCT EM Collaboration.pdf55.29 KB
vision_paper_1st.pdf2.16 MB
ERA_11_04_Instruments_Microscopy.pdf3.97 MB
Outcome of Survey (SIM).pdf3.14 MB
Euro-BioImaging Industry Board (EIB) Position Paper 1st edition.pdf1.47 MB
Industry Board Meeting ELMI 2012 Minutes.pdf354.65 KB
Industry Board ELMI 2012 - Participants.pdf147.24 KB
Newsletter_issue 4_19_12_12.pdf894.82 KB
Euro-BioImaging_Newsletter3.pdf831.57 KB
Euro-BioImaging Newsletter2.pdf505 KB
Euro-BioImaging Newsletter 1.pdf542.98 KB
Euro-BioImaging poster awared the Best poster Award on the ICRI meeting 2012.pdf7.9 MB
Euro-BioImaging listed in "Success Stories" of EuroRIs-Net.pdf152.53 KB
Start of Euro-BioImaging- Press Release FAZ 08 DEC 2010.pdf1.6 MB
Start of Euro-BioImaging- official Press Release .pdf257.05 KB
esfri_roadmap_2008-1-3.pdf3.04 MB
BMS RI - Thematic Working Group Report 2010.pdf2.62 MB
BMS Research Infrastuctures- Strategy Paper, 2010.pdf2.74 MB
BMS RI Response to EC Public Consultation on Common Strategic Framework, May 2011.pdf2.5 MB
Euro-BioImaging Response to EC Public Consultation on Common Strategic Framework, May 2011.pdf393.43 KB
Status Report Euro-BioImaging - J Ellenberg S Schoenberg.pdf4.64 MB
National and European-level strategies for implementing open access research infrastructures - Eero Vuorio.pdf398.7 KB
The French experience of implementing national biological and medical imaging infrastructures in preparation for Euro-BioImaging - Maïté Coppey-Moisan, Franck Lethimonnier.pdf1.84 MB
Euro-BioImaging Infrastructure Model- Governance, Funding and Access Policies.pdf5.8 MB
Euro-BioImaging Infrastructure Model Medical Imaging Molecular Imaging.pdf2.94 MB
WP6 Breakout Meeting Summary.pdf79.17 KB
WP6 Breakout Session Presentation.pdf3.39 MB
Legal Models : WP2 Breakout session.pdf1.3 MB
Euro-BioImaging ELMI12_PPT.pdf567.87 KB
Important information for imaging facilities expressing interest in becoming a Euro-BioImaging Node .pdf492.34 KB
Euro-BioImaging - Expression of Interest Form.pdf163.25 KB
Technology Review Criteria for Advanced Light Microscopy Technologies.pdf493.56 KB
Technology Review Criteria for Multi-modal Molecular Imaging.pdf274.18 KB
Technology Review Criteria for Medical Imaging Technologies.pdf167.54 KB
General Criteria for Application for Euro-BioImaging Nodes Dec. 2012(1).pdf79.25 KB
Template form - Costs Concept.doc112.5 KB
Template LOI - User.docx24.47 KB
Template - Communication with funder.docx17.37 KB
Template - Hosting Institution.docx17.04 KB
Letter of Intent _ Industry.doc22.5 KB
Letter of Intent _ Ministry.doc24 KB
Letter of Intent _ Organisation.doc28.5 KB
EIB_meeting_Vienna2013_summary.pdf110.13 KB
Agenda 4th Euro-BioImaging Stakeholder Meeting.jpg247.38 KB
PR_EuroBioImaging_260313_final.pdf574.66 KB
How to proceed with establishment of EuBI Nodes_Website.pdf153.64 KB
5th Euro-BioImaging Stakeholder Meeting-Agenda_Final.pdf193.72 KB
Status Report - Oliver Speck.pdf845.6 KB
Importance of access to imaging research infrastructure in Europe- Karsten Specht and Judith Klumperman.pdf981.51 KB
The Euro-BioImaging Operational Infrastructure and Access Model - John Eriksson.pdf1.46 MB
The Euro-BioImaging Hub and Node Model and its Governance Structure- Antje Keppler.pdf682.17 KB
The Euro-BioImaging 1st Open Call for Nodes - Pamela Zolda.pdf1.07 MB
Achievements of Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase - Jan Ellenberg.pdf2.11 MB
Next steps towards construction - Benny Geiger.pdf772.62 KB
ESFRI Research Infrastructurs and Horizon 2020- Ann Uustalu (European Commission).pdf926.35 KB
Break-our session Medical Imaging- Aad van der Lugt.pdf195.1 KB
Euro-BioImaging 1st Open Call for Nodes - Summary 290713.pdf1.05 MB
Evaluation procedure and Independent Evaluation Board.pdf374.15 KB
Technology Review Criteria for Population Imaging_0(1).pdf106.18 KB
Technology Review Criteria for Challenges Framework(1).pdf96.69 KB
Expression of Interest- Part b 3.pdf144.1 KB
Important information for imaging facilities expressing interest in becoming a Euro-BioImaging Node (Partb).pdf277.78 KB
Template form - Costs Concept_Partb.doc110 KB
Template LOI - Users_Partb.doc34 KB
Template - Communication with funder_Partb.doc27 KB
Template - Hosting Institution_Partb.doc27.5 KB
businessplan_RZ.pdf4.99 MB
D1.1. Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan.pdf58.6 KB
D1.3 2nd Steering Commitee Meeting.pdf3.01 MB
D1.4. Steering Committee Meeting.pdf5.2 MB
D1.5 Steering Committee Meeting.pdf321.95 KB
D1.6. Steering Committee Meeting.pdf245.05 KB
D1.7 Steering Committee Meeting.pdf217.71 KB
D1.8 Stakeholder Meeting.pdf241.4 KB
D1.10 Stakeholder Meeting.pdf94.7 KB
D2.1 Evaluation of suitable legal structures.pdf583.57 KB
D2.3 Report on governance and legal issues including ethical issues and IPR.pdf406.18 KB
D2 4_Draft_ethics_policy-1.pdf149.72 KB
D2.5 Draft IPR Policy.pdf153.46 KB
D2.6 Draft Euro-BioImaging Memorandum of Understanding.pdf176.96 KB
D3.1. Update of Vision of Euro-BioImaging.pdf221.41 KB
D3.2 Update_of_vision_of_Euro-BioImaging.pdf180.67 KB
D3.3 Update of Vision of Euro-BioImaging.pdf468.73 KB
D3.4 Inventory Map_SIM.pdf3.25 MB
D3.5 Tools and strategy for coordinating_ performing surveys.pdf74.91 KB
D3.6 First working plan for implementation phase.pdf235.53 KB
D3.7 Strategy for integration of new future partners and methodologies.pdf57.06 KB
D3.8 Tool box for eligibility criteria.pdf237.84 KB
D3.9 Strategy Including Stakeholders.pdf123.09 KB
D3.10 First draft of business plan structure.pdf49.93 KB
D3.13_First Impact Study.pdf441.67 KB
D3.14 Second Impact Study.pdf5.74 MB
D4.1 Report on Funding Sources.pdf175.48 KB
D4.2_Tour de Table Meeting with Funding Bodies.pdf208.55 KB
D4.3 Tour de table meeting with funding bodies.pdf3.58 MB
D4.4_Recommendations for the long term funding strategy and model.pdf870.95 KB
D4.5 Report on financial requirements of EuBI Hub and Nodes.pdf1.62 MB
D5.1 Euro-BioImaging Newsletter _1st edition.pdf556.81 KB
D5.2 Euro-BioImaging Newsletter2_November_ 2011.pdf599.3 KB
D 5.3 Euro-BioImaging Newsletter No 3.pdf927.25 KB
D5.4 Euro-BioImaging 4th Newsletter .pdf987.3 KB
D5.5 Euro-BioImaging Newsletter 5th Edition.pdf678.49 KB
D5.6 Publish Euro-BioImaging Newsletter-1.pdf611.43 KB
D5.7 Report on collaboration with BMS RI.pdf464.55 KB
D5.8 Report on collaboration of Euro-BioImaging working groups scientific and national user communities.pdf643.61 KB
D5.9 Report on external relations.pdf4 MB
D5.10 Report on external relations with policy makers, funding bodies, industry, and scientific communities.pdf5.36 MB
D6.1 Survey of needs of user community.pdf770.1 KB
D6.2 Assessment of existing efforts for the support and development of ALM facilities.pdf467.58 KB
D6.3 Definition of technical standards for service that facilities have to abide to.pdf614.83 KB
D.6.4 Report from EMBL to be used as guidance for tests.pdf66.62 KB
D6.5 Final report on 3-sites proof-of-concept studies.pdf644.7 KB
D6.6_List of Eligibility Criteria for Participation in Euro-BioImaging.pdf1.15 MB
D6.7 - List of ALM facilities participating in Euro-BioImaging.pdf435.37 KB
D7.1 Report on first annual Euro-Bioimaging WP7 meeting .pdf103.92 KB
D7.2 Report on current developments in light microscopy.pdf1.06 MB
D7.3 Report on current developments in light microscopy.pdf7.31 MB
D7.4 Interim report on emerging technologies in light microscopy.pdf412.92 KB
D7.5 Final report on emerging technologies in light microscopy.pdf1.61 MB
D7.6 Summarizing Report on surveys of existing European infrastructures for innovative technologies ALM.pdf159.38 KB
D7.7 Report on proof-of-concept studies on providing access to innovative technologies ALM .pdf3.95 MB
D7.8 Comprehensive construction plan for accessing innovative light microscopy technologies in Europe.pdf4.92 MB
D8.1 Report on meetings.pdf543.72 KB
D8.2 Report on meetings_Development in Molecular Imaging.pdf193.12 KB
D8.3 Report on meetings to explore current and future dev in molecular imaging and their demand for access.pdf158.11 KB
D8.4-Emerging technologies in Molecular Imaging.pdf165.34 KB
D8.5Report on emerging technologies in Molecular Imaging with the potential and demand to provide access .pdf184.2 KB
D8.6 Report on Survey Molecular Imaging.pdf7.15 MB
D8.7 Report Proof of Concept_Studies.pdf1.37 MB
D8.8 Report on Proof of Concept_Studies.pdf3.95 MB
D8.9 Comprehensive construction plan for accessing innovative molecular imaging technologies in Europe.pdf1.19 MB
D9.2_Report_on_meetings.pdf185.68 KB
D9.3 Summarising report on emerging technologies in medical imaging.pdf182.19 KB
D9.4 Summarising report on emerging technologies in medical imaging.pdf132.78 KB
D9.5_Report on surveys of European infrastructures for UHF-MR, PCI and emerging technologies.pdf1000.26 KB
D9.6 Report on proof of concept studies for UHF-MR, phase contrast CT and new emerging technologies.pdf244.82 KB
D9.7 Comprehensive construction plan for innovative technologies in Medical Imaging.pdf263.51 KB
D11.1 State of the art and community requirements in Biomedical Image Analysis, Storage and Remote Access.pdf202.23 KB
D11.2 Community Needs of Current Solutions for Biomedical Image Storage and Remote Access Services.pdf250.64 KB
D 11.3 Selected Standards and Architecture for Data Storage and Access Services supporting Euro-BioImaging.pdf1.56 MB
D11.4 Software for biological image analysis_Present state and future requirements.pdf394.47 KB
D12.1- Report on existing access policies.pdf393.99 KB
D12.2 Report on surveys performed to obtain needs, expectations, concerns, and existing policies.pdf2.2 MB
D12.3List of potential funding sources to support Euro-BioImaging users.pdf785.23 KB
D12.4 Preliminary processes and policies on access, monitoring, quality assurance, maintenance, charging.pdf374.89 KB
D12.5 1st Release web-based access portal.pdf276.97 KB
D12_6_Evaluation report on application of policies for proof-of-concept studies.pdf3.69 MB
D12_7_Preliminary access policies.pdf384.08 KB
D12_8 List of final policies, including website and supportive info listings.pdf343.59 KB
D 13 1 Report on survey on existing activities and key requirements for biomedical imaging teaching_rev.pdf2.04 MB
D13.2 Proposal for rules and requirements for the training program in biomedical imaging.pdf677.52 KB
D13.3.-EuBI-training_strategy-submitted_coord-21_11_2013.pdf1.76 MB
D13.4.-Curriculum-bioimaging-submitted_coord-21_11_2013.pdf5.19 MB
D13.6 Reference and information web resource for biomedical training.pdf3.19 MB
businessplan_long_web.pdf3.66 MB
5th Euro-BioImaging Newsletter.pdf585.29 KB
Newsletter_issue6_20_11_13_corrected.pdf548.58 KB
Membership agreement EuroBioimaging Industry Board.pdf145.84 KB
Rules of procedure Euro-BioImaging Industry Board.pdf126.67 KB
press release EBIB final 12112014.pdf47.93 KB
Membership agreement EuroBioimaging Industry Board _25112014.docx47.42 KB
D11.6 Standards and Architecture for Large Scale Image Processing and Analysis Services.pdf248.18 KB
D11.5 Community needs of current architectures for large-scale image processing and analysis.pdf588.11 KB
Euro-BioImaging_Elixir_Image_Data_Strategy_0.pdf535.06 KB
EBIB brochure Blue v0.1.2 May 2016 web.pdf616.01 KB
Why EuBI - Benefits for countries and imaging facilities.pdf84.56 KB