Euro-BioImaging Business Plan

Euro-BioImaging published its Business Plan summing up all recommendations from the Preparatory Phase in early 2014.

You can download the full document here.



Executive Summary of the Business Plan


The ESFRI research infrastructure Euro-BioImaging will provide open user access to a complete range of state-of-the-art imaging technologies in biological, molecular and medical imaging for life scientists in Europe and beyond. Euro-BioImaging will offer image data support and training for infrastructure users and providers and continuously evaluate and include new imaging technologies to ensure cutting-edge services in a sustainable manner. Through Euro-BioImaging, investment in imaging infrastructure will be used in the most cost-effective and efficient way by applying the highest quality standards in management, open user access and service of imaging facilities.

The Euro-BioImaging infrastructure will consist of a set of complementary, strongly interlinked and geographically distributed Nodes (specialized and knowledgeable imaging facilities) to reach European scientists in all Member States. The physical user access will take place at these Nodes. The pan-European infrastructure will be empowered by a strong supporting and coordinating entity, the Euro-BioImaging Hub. The Hub will provide the single entry point from which users will be directed to their desired imaging technology as served by the respective Euro-BioImaging Nodes. Within the Hub, dedicated data management and training activities tailored to the needs of users of the imaging infrastructure will be coordinated.

During the Preparatory Phase (2010-2014), Euro-BioImaging has conducted extensive consultation with the European scientific communities of imaging providers and users, gained support by 3000 Stakeholders, extensively analysed supply and demand of the imaging technologies in Europe, successfully demonstrated technical feasibility of its operational model in a six months proof-of-concept phase, has identified and evaluated possible Nodes in European States and has now finalized recommendations for the infrastructure model, governance structure and finance plan.

Euro-BioImaging has initiated and supported the establishment of 23 national imaging initiatives across Europe that are coordinating imaging infrastructure activities at the national level, enabling better use of their capacities and speak to their national funders with one voice. Furthermore, Euro-BioImaging is in close communication with the European imaging industry, and the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board already comprises more than 50 companies. In the past years, vibrant international co-operations were established with Australian and Indian national imaging infrastructure organizations, fostering exchange of knowledge and best practice principles.

In the 1st Open Call for Euro-BioImaging Nodes, more than 220 imaging facilities from 19 different European countries submitted 71 applications for expressing their interest to become part of Euro-BioImaging. The Interim Board comprising 12 countries and EMBL (status May 2014) will take the decision on the first generation of Nodes, and the future infrastructure governance, legal and finance model.

This business plan describes the Preparatory Phase recommendations for the infrastructure model of Euro-BioImaging, which is on a fast track to implementation.


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