Euro-BioImaging Partners & Stakeholders

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Beneficiaries are members of the Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase project consortium. They comprise the Scientific coordinators, all Working group chairs, and further key partners such as national funding bodies and research councils. 


Associated Partners

Associated Partners have expressed their interest to actively participate in Euro-BioImaging by sending a Letter of Intent and contribute to the Preparatory Phase objectives of Euro-BioImaging. New Associated Partners can continuously join the consortium during the Preparatory Phase.  To see the list of associated partners, click on the country of interest *.

*Please notice that Department of Biophysics, P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia is also an associated partner of Euro-BioImaging.



Stakeholders of Euro-BioImaging include scientists, representatives of European and national biological and biomedical imaging communities, universities, governmental and non-governmental research institutes, hospitals, as well as the health care and biooptics industry. Further stakeholders include the service industry sector, local, regional and national authorities including those ministries in the member states responsible for education and research as well as the dedicated research associations, societies and national organizations.

Euro-BioImaging organises a Stakeholder Meeting once a year. For more information on upcoming meetings please click here.


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