Euro-BioImaging Proof-of-Concept Studies

The Euro-BioImaging consortium thanks all researchers for their participation in the Proof-of-Concept Studies.


From January to July 2012  Euro-BioImaging conducted a series of proof-of-concept studies and offered FREE access to European advanced biological and biomedical imaging facilities. More than 50 imaging facilities in 16 countries contributed by providing open access for researchers.


UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: More than 50 world-class imaging facilities opened their doors for European researchers!



Read about the outcome and lessons learned from the Proof of Concept study HERE.



How the Proof-of-Concept Studies were organized:


  • to provide the opportunity for scientists to conduct their research project using cutting edge imaging instruments
  • to test and refine standardized execution and access protocols for future Euro-BioImaging facilities
  • to assess potential pitfalls for running these resources
  • to identify current community needs for access to different technologies



Euro-BioImaging proof-of-concept study sites/facilities offered FREE ACCESS to the following imaging technologies. Please follow the links to learn more about the involved facilities.





Applicants from the PhD student level up to senior researchers, belonging to any university or public research center in Europe were invited to submit their project proposals from October 1st to November 30st, 2011.

Proposals were evaluated by a panel of reviewers composed by experts of the Euro-BioImaging consortium covering the different imaging technologies and the responsible heads of the participating imaging facilities.

Successful applicants were contacted by the respective imaging facility to discuss the details of the visit.

Grant opportunities to cover travel and accommodation expenses