GBI and AMMRF collaborates for developing new modules in Myscope

Euro-BioImaging and Global BioImaging (GBI) are collaborating with Australian GBI partners, the AMMRF to expand their online microscopy training tool MyScope®. It is already used by the global imaging community to access high quality online training in advanced microscopy techniques. Each year Myscope® e-Learning tool attracts more than 100,000 visitors – scientists, coming from different cadres in academia or industry and serves them with crisp yet detailed information on advanced imaging technologies. In addition, Myscope also includes interesting virtual microscopes that allow users to carry out interactive experiments. Users can play with these virtual microscopes to understand better the different functionalities of a microscope such as fine-tuning the magnification or increasing the voltage on electromagnetic lenses, without being afraid of damaging an instrument.

One of the major goals of the GBI is to provide training for imaging core facility staff and the users visiting their core facilities. Therefore, GBI is collaborating with AMMRF for developing new modules in state of the art imaging technologies, such as super resolution and light sheet microscopy. These new modules are based on the existing framework of Myscope and they are currently developed with the inputs from imaging technology experts in the GBI network.