Global BioImaging Events

Within the Global-BioImaging project a number of international events targeting Imaging Facility staff, Laboratory managers and specialist technical officers will be organized.

The "Exchange of Experience" workshops will target best practices in the areas of open access to Imaging Infrastructures, user training, facility operations, quality management and cutting-edge imaging technologies. 

The training programs on RI operations and Image Data management will offer to international imaging facility staff the opportunity to access an educational program on research infrastructures' management operation that, due to the novelty of the facility management profession, are still often scarcely available.

Finally, the "Exchange of People" programs will allow exchange visits of facility operational staff such as laboratory managers or specialist technical officers to infrastructure sites all over the world. Advanced Imaging Facilities, including Euro-BioImaging Nodes, will host managers, scientists and technicians for a minimum of two weeks during the implementation of each Shadowing program.



Event Title

Timeline and Location

“Exchange of Experience” workshops

(included in WP2)

Exchange of Experience I



Exchange of Experience II


Exchange of Experience III

08th-10th June 2016,

EMBL Heidelberg


Summer 2017, India


Summer 2018, Australia

Training programs on Research Infrastructure (RI) Operations & Image Data Management

(included in WP3 and WP4)

Training I



Training II

13th-18th November 2016, 

EMBL Heidelberg


Summer 2018, Australia

“Exchange of People”
programs for Facility Staff

(included in WP5)

Shadowing Program I


Shadowing Program II


Shadowing Program III

October 2016 – February 2017


March  – September 2017


October 2017 – February 2018