Global BioImaging Project

Please find below for download the exisiting international collaboration agreements with Australian and Indian imaging infrastructure, as well as letters of support for Global BioImaging project from Euro-BioImaging international partners.

The Global BioImaging Project will enable Euro-BioImaging to follow-up on the existing collaboration agreements with Australia and India with concrete measures and to reach out to new international partners in North and South America, Africa and Asia to develop a sustainable network of collaborating imaging infrastructures by realizing the following objectives:

  • Global BioImaging Project will enable Euro-BioImaging to exchange best practice with its international infrastructure partners on open user access to their various services, and in the long-term to provide reciprocal use of these services
  • Global BioImaging Project will allow Euro-BioImaging to become interoperable with other international imaging infrastructures in their user services by standardization and harmonization of access protocols, methods, training programs as well as image data formats, analysis software and management 
  • Global BioImaging Project will bring together Euro-BioImaging facility staff and their international colleagues to exchange best practice in benchmarking performance, quality management and assurance for operation of imaging facilities
  • Together with the international partners, Euro-BioImaging will develop a common recommendation for advanced training of facility staff and provide first proof-of-concept training courses
  • Global BioImaging Project will enable Euro-BioImaging to develop and publish a common virtual platform for training materials in innovative imaging technologies together with the international partners, in particular AMMRF by building on the existing Australian platform “MyScope”
  • Global BioImaging Project will enable Euro-BioImaging to develop and publish a common virtual platform for image data software tools together with the international partners
  • Global BioImaging Project will enable Euro-BioImaging in preparing and finalizing new collaboration agreements with international partners in Argentina, Japan, South Africa and the USA to develop a truly global imaging infrastructure network
  • In close communication with their national funders, Global BioImaging Project partners will develop a sustainable plan for opening their imaging infrastructures for international users and facility staff for reciprocal use based on international collaboration agreements.

Global BioImaging Project’s ultimate goal is to establish a sustainable network of international imaging infrastructure partners to allow common access programs to their services for users, staff and exchange of best practice.



Euro-BioImaging - AMMRF Collaboration Agreement Feb 2012.pdf223.73 KB
Euro-BioImaging - AMMRF Collaboration Agreement Nov 2013.pdf229.08 KB
Euro-BioImaging - NIF Collaboration Agreement May 2014.pdf304.25 KB
Euro-BioImaging - India BioImaging Collaboration Agreement Sep 2013.pdf277.62 KB
Australia - Letter of Support National Imaging Facility.pdf322.11 KB
Australia - AMMRF_GBP Support letter_250814.pdf173.75 KB
India - Letter_of_Support.pdf82.99 KB
Argentina - Letter of Support.pdf191.43 KB
Japan Letter of Support - Global BioImaging Project_NU.pdf166.16 KB
South Africa_Support_letter_University_of_Cape_Town.pdf171.99 KB
US - GLBPC Letter of support.pdf162.3 KB
US - Howard Hughes Medical Institute support letter .pdf116.07 KB