Global BioImaging Project Overview

Project Overview

Global BioImaging is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme and it has received 1.78M € in the scope of the call for scientific infrastructure development (INFRADEV-2).

It is divided into five Work Packages which are functional to the general project’s objectives:

  • To achieve multi-lateral international cooperation between Euro-BioImaging and its infrastructure counterparts in six countries (Argentina, Australia, India, Japan, South Africa, the USA) in the field of life sciences - including biological sciences, marine biology, biodiversity, medical sciences and agricultural sciences.
  • To enable Euro-BioImaging to exchange best practice with its international infrastructure partners on open user access to their various services, and in the long term to pursue international agreements on the reciprocal use of these services.
  • To ensure global interoperability of European and International imaging infrastructures in their user services by standardization and harmonization of access protocols, methods, tests, reference materials, training programs as well as image data formats, analysis software and management.
  • To bring together European and International facility staff at the aim of exchanging best practice in benchmarking performance of imaging technology platforms, quality management and assurance for operation of imaging facilities.
  • To identify and promote opportunities (infrastructure access, image data sharing) available to Euro-BioImaging Nodes and European scientists in the International imaging infrastructures, starting with a job shadowing program for imaging facility staff.
  • To develop, together with Euro-BioImaging, a common recommendation for advanced training of facility staff and provide first proof-of-concept training courses.
  • To enable Euro-BioImaging to develop and publish a common virtual platform for training materials in innovative imaging technologies together with the international partners, in particular AMMRF by building on the existing Australian platform “MyScope”.
  • To enable Euro-BioImaging to develop and publish a common virtual platform for image data software tools together with the International partners.
  • To enable Euro-BioImaging in preparing and finalizing new collaboration agreements with International partners in Argentina, Japan, South Africa and the USA to develop a truly global imaging infrastructure network.
  • To develop, in close communication with their national funders, a sustainable plan and International collaboration agreements aiming at opening imaging infrastructures to International users and facility staff.


Work Package 1: Project Management

It will provide the coordination backbone to the project by supporting all the activities included into the other work packages, and ensuring a functional and continuous flow of communication amongst internal and external stakeholders.

Work Package 2: Exchange of Experience

Operating Open Access Imaging Infrastructure will enable exchange of best practices between Euro-BioImaging and other European imaging facility staff with their counterparts not only from Australia and India (where established collaboration agreements exist) but also from Argentina, Japan, South Africa and the USA, who have expressed their interest in participating to the project. This Work Package will touch the areas of user access, training, facility operation, quality management and – last but not least – exploration of cutting-edge imaging technologies, also thanks to the collaboration with industry and manufacturers.

Three workshops for infrastructure operators will be organized: one in Europe, one in India and one in Australia, for which international travel grants for experts will be available. The workshops will result in the publication of common guidelines defining viable user access procedures, facility staff training, as well as outlining quality assurance and management measures.

Work Package 3: Training for Facility Staff and Virtual Platform for Training Material

Two International Training Workshop for Facility Staff will be organized - one in Europe, one in Australia. In parallel, a virtual platform for training materials on innovative imaging technologies will be developed, tested and published. This platform will be based on the existing tool called “Myscope”, which has been developed and is maintained by AMMRF.

Work Package 4: Image Data Management – Tools and Training

The project also comprises the organization of two International Training Workshop on Image Data - one in Europe, one in Australia. At the same time thanks to the input of International experts, a common repository of software tools for Image Data analysis will be set-up.

Work Package 5: Exchange of People

A Shadowing Program for Facility Staff will be established. Thanks to such program European and International facility operational staff, such as laboratory managers or specialized technical personnel, will be able to visit other infrastructure sites across Europe, India and Australia and learn from the exposure to different experiences.

Work Package 6: Outreach to other regions

Euro-BioImaging intends to further enlarge its collaborations at the International level by involving the Scientific Imaging Communities spread across the 5 continents and building on the existing support from Argentina, Japan, South Africa and the United States of America.