Intergovernmental Working Group

21 Countries and EMBL are the New Drivers of Euro-BioImaging


Euro-BioImaging is approaching transition from preparatory to implementation phase. During the Preparatory Phase the Steering Committee guided activities of Euro-BioImaging, and together the Consortium partners made remarkable progress towards infrastructure development.

A smooth transition to implementation is ensured through the Euro-BioImaging Intergovernmental Working Group (IWG), which was launched in January 2013 at its first meeting in Vienna. This group currently comprises national representatives from 21 countries, who are mandated by their ministries and/or national funding bodies, and from EMBL.

In 2013, the IWG provides the platform for interested Member States to start discussion on the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure model and to prepare the Euro-BioImaging Memorandum of Understanding for the countries’ signatures by the end of Preparatory Phase. The signatories will form the so-called Interim Board, which will be in the driving seat in the next year during transition. The Interim Board will define and decide on the final Euro-BioImaging governance structure, finance plan, users’ access policy etc. based on the recommendations made by the Preparatory Phase Consortium.


Based on this work, the countries together will decide on the statutes of an International Consortium Agreement, which will serve as Euro-BioImaging’s charter and will ultimately establish it as a pan-European research infrastructure supported and owned by its Member States.

Through conference calls and physical meetings the countries’ and EMBL’s delegates are in continuous communication. The group remains open for new countries and international organizations to join anytime.

If you like to contact your country delegate, we will be happy to send you their contact details. Please email one of our project managers/officers pzolda (at) (Pamela Zolda), keppler (at) (Antje Keppler) or ninkovic (at) (Tanja Ninkovic).

The Euro-BioImaging Intergovernmental Working Group currently comprises representatives from 21 European countries and one international organization (EMBL).

 Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France /Greece / Hungary / Ireland / Israel / Italy / The Netherlands / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Slovakia / Spain / Sweden / United Kingdom.