Preparatory Phase II Project Deliverables

Below you can find the deliverables of the Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase II Project, prepared by the various Work Packages (WPs).

EuBI PPII_D1.1_Report on establishment and first conference call of Executive Project Management.pdf1.68 MB
EuBI PPII_D1.2_Publication of project website.pdf257.61 KB
EuBI PPII_D1.3_Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan established.pdf184.29 KB
EuBI PPII_D2.1_Completion of EuBI ERIC statutes.pdf396.22 KB
EuBI PPII_D2.2_Submission of ERIC application to the EC.pdf1.5 MB
EuBI PPII_D2.3_Template for Service Level Agreement.pdf253.98 KB
EuBI PPII_D2.4_Involvement options for members.pdf191.68 KB
EuBI PPII_D2.5_Develop Internal Policies for EuBI Governance and Advisory Bodies.pdf1.51 MB
EuBI PPII_D2.6_Draft RoP for EuBI governance and advisory bodies.pdf1.04 MB
EuBI PPII_D2.7_Recruitment policy and procedure for senior management.pdf610.56 KB
EuBI PPII_D3.1_List of the nominated and ratified by IB 1st generation of EuBI Nodes.pdf4.76 MB
EuBI PPII_D3.2_Procedure for identification and evaluation of new Nodes.pdf1.17 MB
EuBI PPII_D3.3_Detailed description of the EuBI ERIC executive management.pdf408.23 KB
EuBI PPII_D3.4_Report on the successful launch meetings of the EuBI Board and Scientific Advisory Board at the EuBI ERIC.pdf386.13 KB
EuBI PPII_D3.5_Report on integration of EuBI ERIC Hub services.pdf2.27 MB
EuBI PPII_D4.1_Hub operational costs-budget.pdf273.98 KB
EuBI PPII_D4 2_Hub financial contribution scheme.pdf191.14 KB
EuBI PPII_D4.3_Nodes operational costs-budget.pdf322.17 KB
EuBI PPII_D4.4_Report on Nodes funding scheme for user access.pdf1021.04 KB
EuBI PPII_D5.1_Overall design and technical solutions and practises for the various tasks of the EuBI online user access portal.pdf1.72 MB
EuBI PPII_D5.2_Technical framework set up of EuBI portal with most central functions.pdf967.98 KB
EuBI PPII_D5.3_Testing of the basic framework of EuBI WAP.pdf1.36 MB
EuBI PPII_D5.4_Web Access Portal running with all features.pdf1.14 MB
EuBI PPII_D6.1_Report presenting the first comprehensive catalogue of current and future image data repositories in EU institutions and states.pdf187.86 KB
EuBI PPII_D6.2_IRP.pdf257.39 KB
EuBI PPII_D6.3_Report on utilities and updates of existing ontologies.pdf288.05 KB
EuBI PPII_D6.4_Design of UX and UI for IRP_EPM approved.pdf761.73 KB
EuBI PPII_D6.5_Design of UX and UI for IDR.pdf290.08 KB
EuBI PPII_D6.7_Web-based UI for IDR.pdf1002.99 KB
EuBI PPII_D7.1_Organisation of a meeting of CFS from EuBI Node Candidates.pdf2.87 MB
EuBI PPII_D7.2_Set-up of coordination tools for users and CFS access to training....pdf1.6 MB
EuBI PPII_D7.3_Procedure for...CFS training on emerging technologies.pdf1.11 MB
EuBI PPII_D7.4_First list and description of identified sites for EuBI user training.pdf1.34 MB
EuBI PPII_D7.5_Report on the portfolio of identified CFS training courses in lifelong vocational training.pdf1.29 MB
EuBI PPII_D7.6_Report on the implementation of an e-forum and online platform for initial and vocational training.pdf1.1 MB
EuBI PPII_D8.1_Procedure for implementation of facility staff training on new technologies.pdf117.77 KB
EuBI PPII_D8.2_Procedure for the identification of new technologies.pdf694.28 KB
EuBI PPII_D8.3_Report on potential new technologies.pdf768.09 KB
EuBI PPII_D8.4_Procedure for enhanced process interoperability... technology portfolio.pdf482.18 KB
EuBI PPII_D8.5_Procedure for identifying outdated technologies.pdf287.66 KB
EuBI PPII_D9.1_Communication Strategy for EuBI operation.pdf512.5 KB
EuBI PPII_D9.2_Report on External Communication and Outreach activities.pdf641.76 KB