Preparatory Phase II Project Overview

The Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase II (EuBI PPII) project aims not only at submitting the ERIC application to the European Commission but also at enabling the rapid finalization of the legal, financial, managerial and technical documents, tools and procedures to start the operation of the EuBI ERIC on the day of the signature of the ERIC statutes by all its member states.

The general aims of the EuBI Preparatory Phase II consortium can be summarized as follows:

  • To complete the multi-step EC procedure for setting up the ERIC legal framework, and bring the EuBI ERIC to signature by the participating Member States and intergovernmental organizations for launch of the infrastructure during the second year of PPII;
  • To finalize all the internal policies required for operating the EuBI ERIC including:
    • Rules of Procedure for the future EuBI Board;
    • Human Resources Policy (within the staff rules and regulations);
    • Policy for intellectual property;
    • Ethical regulations.
  • To finalize the decisions on how the participating Member States will finance both the budget for the EuBI Hub’s operation, and trans-national user access to the EuBI Nodes;
  • To implement an operational EuBI Hub;
  • To implement the 1st generation of EuBI Nodes; this includes the signature of the service level agreement between the EuBI Hub and each EuBI Node, enabling the opening of the full-fledged Nodes’ services to EuBI users;
  • To implement tools for user access: this mainly consists in the set-up of a the EuBI access web-portal which shall include not only a wide range of information for different stakeholder groups but – most importantly – an online submission system for user applications, as well as the link the to existing Node online resources for harmonized user access management;
  • To implement the online user interfaces for image data services, which includes access provision to data, software tool repositories and cloud compute capacity.
  • To broaden the membership beyond the currently 17 Interim Board Member States that are currently signatories of the EuBI Memorandum of Understanding together with EMBL.


EuBI PPII is structured into the nine well-defined thematic work packages described below, which have planned their activities back-to-back to each other for maximum efficiency of work, optimal use of the limited resources and last but not least, standardization and interoperability of the resulting procedures and policies for EuBI operation.

WP1: Project management and coordination

It provides the coordination backbone to the project by supporting all the activities included into the other work packages. It guarantees the smooth flow of communication amongst the project’s internal stakeholders, towards the IB and the EC, as well as the timely submission of deliverables and reports.

WP2: Legal support

The IB Working Group WG2-Legal has been working on assembling the EuBI ERIC statutes and has handed over its activities to WP2. Beside concluding the preparation of the statutes this WP coordinates the required legal work after their submission by the Hub-hosting country and the IB, to launch the operational EuBI ERIC, and to open the Nodes for user access.

WP3: EuBI Hub and Nodes implementation: Management

Besides concluding the legal work, a major objective of EuBI PPII is the finalization and setting-up of the EuBI ERIC Hub organization for operation, which includes the governance and Hub management structure as well as the operation of the EuBI ERIC services. Via this WP the first generation of EuBI Node Candidates organizes their set-up and starts providing open user access in the Interim Phase.

WP4: EuBI Hub and Nodes Implementation: Preparation for financial commitments

This WP supports the IB to finalize and approve the Hub operational budget, the financial contribution scheme, and the financial framework for administering the Hub operational budget. Furthermore, WP4 provides support to the individual Node Candidates in identifying and presenting their cost for user access.

WP5: Technical preparation for user access

This Work Package will focus on the technical implementation of the Web-Access-Portal, which will provide the means to enable the online submission of applications from users. It will also constitute the link between the EuBI infrastructure and the existing Nodes’ online resources for harmonized user access management.

WP6: Delivering Usable Data Resources for Euro-BioImaging

In WP6, the participants will design, build and deliver user experience patterns and web browser-based user interfaces for Euro-BioImaging’s data resources: the Imaging Resource Portal (IRP) and the Image Data Repository (IDR).

WP7: Technical preparation for coordination of training activities

This WP aims at preparing the general coordination of the EuBI training activities, in particular the set-up of the training course portfolio for user and core facility staff, and the establishment of the related application and evaluation procedures.

WP8: Preparation for identification of new technologies

WP8 will develop procedures for inclusion of new technologies at the future EuBI Nodes as well as re-evaluation of the existing Euro-BioImaging portfolio and strategies for the de-commissioning of obsolete technologies.

WP9: Preparation of external communication strategy

This Work Package will provide the means for informing funders and policy-makers on EuBI, thereby facilitating their decision-making process on the participation of national Nodes in the infrastructure. This WP will focus on:

  • strengthening existing and new external communication channels with regards to (new) Member States relations, user, providers, technology developers, etc.
  • developing a professional strategy for the external EuBI communication and outreach during operation.