Short report on the 1st Euro-BioImaging Open Call for Nodes

First Euro-BioImaging call for Nodes

Outcome - short summary


In spring 2013 Euro-BioImaging opened the 1st Open call for Nodes, making concrete steps towards the construction of a coordinated European imaging infrastructure. Euro-BioImaging invited imaging facilities and laboratories to submit their Expressions of Interest (EoI) to become a Euro-BioImaging Node. Nodes will provide access to novel imaging technologies, expertise and training to researchers from all over Europe. The call was focused on the technologies that were most requested by European researchers and mature enough to be offered to external users[1].

71 proposals for Euro-BioImaging Nodes were submitted by 221 institutions from 19 European countries.


Full summary of the outcomes of the 1st Call for Nodes can be download from HERE.


Nodes as proposed by imaging facilities/laboratories from 19 European countries which submitted EoIs.
For this map submitted EoIs are grouped in six categories
based on the technologies offered (see legend).



All Node Expressions of Interest (EoI) were reviewed by an international Independent Evaluation Board, comprising some of the world best imaging scientists. The Board evaluated strengths and weaknesses of all proposals and prepared the report recommending Nodes for support by the national funders as well as pointing out the improvements to be made to the presented plans for Node construction.  The Independent Evaluation Board

  • highly recommended 25 Expressions of Interest to become a Euro-BioImaging Node
  • recommended 20 EoIs
  • proposed minor improvements to 9 EoIs
  • proposed major improvements to 13 EoIs
  • and judged 4 EoIs as not suitable for Euro-BioImaging at this stage.

In the past weeks, individual evaluation reports were submitted to Node applicants and the whole report to the national ministries and to the members of the Intergovernmental Working Group of Euro-BioImaging (IWG, representatives from funders from 21 European countries and EMBL)

In the forthcoming months, Node applicants will get in close negotiation with their national funders and IWG representative and work toward securing the funds for their Node upgrade. Euro-BioImaging will be happy to support Node applicants in these efforts. Following these discussions the future Euro-BioImaging Member States will make their final decisions about Nodes that should become operational at European level.   


Next steps of Node applicants and Euro-BioImaging are summed up in more detail in the "How to proceed with establishment of EuBI Nodes" document.


Euro-BioImaging 1st Call for Nodes in a nutshell

  • 71 Node Expressions of Interest from 19 countries
  • > 220 European research institutes participated and >2200 users sent their letters of intent to conduct research at future Euro-BioImaging Nodes,.
  • Almost 68% of future users would travel abroad to access the technology and the Node  
  • 25 of the submitted Nodes’ Expressions of Interest are highly recommended by the Independent Evaluation Board to become part of the future Euro-BioImaging infrastructure.


[1] Euro-BioImaging identified technologies that meet these criteria through results of the pan European Survey on requirements for imaging infrastructure and the Proof of concept studies or equivalent.