Working Groups

The Euro-BioImaging preparatory phase consortium comprised of:

  • 39 legal partner organizations (Beneficiaries) from 15 European Member States and associated countries represented in the Euro-BioImaging Steering Committee
  • more than 200 Associated Partners from 26 European Member States and associated countries.
  • over 250 expressions of interest from universities, research councils, funding bodies, ministries, and industry partners.

Euro-BioImaging Preparatory Phase (2010-2013) is now followed by a Interim Phase (2013-2017) to finally reach the Operation Phase (2017 onwards).

During the Preparatory Phase, Euro-BioImaging developed a plan to construct and operate a set of complementary and strongly interlinked infrastructure facilities appropriately distributed across the European member states and assured the commitment of future partners who signed the Memorandum of Understanding. The funding of the Preparatory Phase was  allocated to management, meeting, and travel costs as well as for proof-of-concept-studies on access models for the different imaging technologies.


The Preparatory Phase of Euro-BioImaging concluded at the end of May 2014 and has achieved the following:

  • The Euro-BioImaging Steering Committee has delivered their consensus agreement on the infrastructure model, governance structure, finance model and user access policy in the form of this business plan provided to the Interim Board.
  • The 1st Open Call for future Euro-BioImaging Nodes has been successfully concluded. Now, the 1st generation of Nodes is negotiating with national funders regarding financial support for their capacity upgrade for participation in Euro-BioImaging.
  • The Euro-BioImaging preparatory phase Consortium demonstrated that the proposed infrastructure model brings benefits to both infrastructure providers and users, and efficiently delivers high-level scientific results.
  • The Euro-BioImaging Memorandum of Understanding is signed by twelve European countries and EMBL. The signatories form the Euro-BioImaging Interim Board, which has been launched on March 31st, 2014, in Brussels.


The plan for infrastructure deployment was developed according to the strongly interlinked work of 13 defined Working Groups. Working Groups comprise Beneficiaries and Associated Partners and were headed by the two Work Package chairs.


Technical Working Groups

Advanced Light Microscopy - General Access
Access to a broad range of fluorescence microscopy methods across all member states

Advanced Light Microscopy- Access to Innovative Technologies and
Medical Imaging- Access to Innovative Technologies
Access to innovative imaging technologies which are not easily accessible
(new / under development / not yet commercially available / too expensive for individual institutes)

Molecular Imaging
Access to optical tomography and related light microscopy methods as well as multi-modal molecular imaging in animal models and the development and testing of new imaging probes

Medical Imaging - Patient to Population
Access to standardized infrastructures for clinical trials, image guided interventions and population imaging


Overarching technical objectives will be addressed by the following three Working Groups:

User Access
Develop a plan for harmonized and standardized access protocols to infrastructures, services and resources

Develop a plan for a comprehensive and coordinated training platform for biomedical imaging

Data Storage and Analysis

Develop an integrated plan for image data management methodologies and protocols, quantitative data processing


Strategic Working Groups

Essential to realize the establishment of the required framework for Euro-BioImaging the strategic Working Groups worked on overarching objectives:

Legal, Governance & Ethical Issues
Define the legal and governance model under which Euro-BioImaging will be constructed and operated

Finance Planning

Develop a finance plan in close cooperation with the national funding bodies in Euro-BioImaging member states as well as with the European Commission

Process Plan
Develop an overarching business, construction and operation plan for the Euro-BioImaging infrastructure

Networking and Communications
Communicate with all Partners and Stakeholders and integrate Euro-BioImaging into the European and global research infrastructure landscape

Project Management

Monitor and coordinate activities of the Euro-BioImaging project and guarantee a smooth flow of information