WP1: Project Management


The Project Management will survey and coordinate activities of the Euro-BioImaging project, guarantee a smooth flow of information, develop and manage reporting strategies among project partners and towards the European Commission. 
  • establish the management structure (boards and committees)
  • establish project offices
  • guarantee the internal communication and dissemination of information in close collaboration with Working Group Networking and Communications
  • act as contact point for stakeholders, Associated Partners and Beneficiaries
  • ensure the timely transmission of deliverables, delivery of milestones of the preparatory phase project
  • organise meetings (Steering Committee, Stakeholder, External Advisory Board, Project Management Team)
  • Ensure the periodical reporting and communication with the EC
  • set-up and maintain the Euro-BioImaging website in collaboration with Working Group Networking and Communications

Work Package Chairs

Antje Keppler (European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany)

Pamela Zolda (European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research, Vienna, Austria)