WP13: Training


Taken into account the high demand for biomedical imaging while the teaching and training is fragmented, the Working group Training plans: 
  • to define a pan-European educational portfolio in biomedical imaging
  • to establish a coordinated, modular, and standardized multi-level training portfolio of basic and advanced courses covering the different imaging modalities and their applications in fundamental research and medicine. The courses will specifically address Master and PhD students, post-graduates, technicians, and senior scientists. They will be based primarily on training activities within Euro-BioImaging and at European renowned institutions/universities.
  • to define rules for access to training activities at all levels.
  • to define quality requirements, accreditation and quality control for all types of training activities.
  • to study the feasibility of a consensus curriculum and its general implementation for a European Master/PhD Degree in biomedical imaging.
  • to define a system of regular top-level scientific/methodological workshops dealing with progressive imaging techniques
  • to formulate the structure and rules of operation of a specialized training office, which would be responsible for the logistics of all training operations. 
  • to establish a web-based tool within the Euro-BioImaging website for disseminating information on biomedical training opportunities. 
Work Package Chairs
Alejandro Frangi (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain)
Pavel Hozak (Institute of Molecular Genetics – Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)