WP2: Legal, Governance & Ethical Issues


The main objective of Working Group Legal, Governance & Ethical Issues is to determine an organisational and governance model for Euro-BioImaging and a legal structure taking ethical issues into consideration.
The purpose of this Working group is to identify an appropriate legal and governance structure for the construction and operation of Euro-BioImaging, allowing for a sustainable and long term infrastructure. One of the challenges that will be addressed will be to find a legal and governance structure that supports Euro-BioImaging’s distributed nature.
The governance model needs to take into account the roles and expectations of the stakeholders and funders of Euro-BioImaging within the legal structure that is proposed. Input from other Working groups, especially Working group Process Plan and Finance Planning will provide insight into the scope and operation of Euro-BioImaging. Once a decision has been taken on the most appropriate structure and legal model, consortium agreements will be drafted for negotiations with the future Euro-BioImaging partners and funding organisations.
Working Package Chairs
Edvard Beem (The Netherlands Organisation of Health Research and Development, Netherlands)
Silke Schumacher (European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany)