WP4: Finance Planning


The objective of Working Group Finance Planning is
  • to identify sustainable funding opportunities for establishing Euro-BioImaging as a pan-European research infrastructure
  • to develop a sustainable funding model
  • to determine the budget that will be required for the construction and operation
  • to provide a finance and risk management plan for the business plan.
 It is very likely that Euro-BioImaging will be established as a distributed infrastructure with a hub and nodes in several European countries requiring funding at the trans-national and national level. Firstly, an overview of funding opportunities will be made by approaching ministries and funding agencies. They will be evaluated in terms of their applicability to Euro-BioImaging. Secondly, a funding model will be developed taking legal and governance as well as scientific and technical issues into consideration. The model will be discussed with the Euro-BioImaging stakeholders, ministries and national funding organisations and modified as necessary. Thirdly, the funding requirements for establishing a pan-European research infrastructure for biomedical imaging will be determined. Finally, the Working Group will provide the financial and risk management part for the development and negotiation on contracts for funding for the construction and operation of Euro-BioImaging, in cooperation with WG Process Plan.
Work Package Chairs
Frans Martens (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, Netherlands)
Wouter Spek (Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam, Netherlands)