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Euro-BioImaging is a research infrastructure that offers open access to imaging technologies, training and data services in biological and biomedical imaging. Euro-BioImaging consists of imaging facilities, called Nodes, that have opened their doors to all life science researchers.

Gateway to European biological and biomedical imaging

Euro-BioImaging’s mission is to provide you with imaging services that bridge biological and biomedical imaging and facilitate innovative and world-class research. Whatever the scale of your imaging, Euro-BioImaging will give you the tools and support to explore and answer your research questions.

Access to imaging technologies: We offer access to a range of imaging technologies to allow you image across the scales at one of our 33 Nodes, located in 14 countries and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, EMBL.

Expert training and support: Each Node is staffed with personnel who can provide the support required to maximise the output of your research project. Guidance is available for all aspects of the imaging pipeline, from study design to image capture. In addition, we provide access to training courses for all different levels of expertise.

Image data management: We help you store and disseminate your data and extract meaningful conclusions from your imaging.

Current activities


Climate change and the global pandemic have changed the way we work and interact with each other. From home office and virtual meetings to remote access to user services, many changes have been introduced that profoundly alter the way research infras...


We were very happy to meet in person with members of our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for the first time from July 25-26 in Finland. These intense two days provided the opportunity to gather ideas to support our infrastructure in the next strategi...


Data is THE hot topic in imaging these days. That’s why we’ve planned a second Special Edition of the Virtual Pub to cover the topic of “DATA” in Biological & Biomedical Imaging. Part II will take place on Friday, September 9th, from 13:00-15...


One of Euro-BioImaging’s key missions is to facilitate excellent science by providing open access to imaging technologies and expertise. Users come from many backgrounds – and career stages – to work with core facility experts. But what about t...


The European Open Science Cloud is a multi-disciplinary federated cloud environment where researchers can publish, find and re-use data, tools and services.  The EOSC Association plays an important role in helping to coordinate investments in th...

2022-11-13 to 2022-11-16

IMCF, part of our Advanced Light and Electron Microscopy Prague Node is organizing a hands-on training on selected time-resolved experimental techniques and data analysis, commonly called Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM).The course foc...

2022-10-09 to 2022-10-14

IMCF, part of our Advanced Light and Electron Microscopy Node in Prague, is organizing a hands-on training on selected single-molecule experimental techniques and data analysis, belonging to group of methods known as quantitative bio-imaging. The li...

2022-09-23 to 2022-10-21

We are pleased to announce a very exciting upcoming training course from NEUBIAS and EOSC-Life - featuring multiple trainers from the Euro-BioImaging family. This course, entitled "Defragmentation: bringing BioImage Anal...

2022-09-06 to 2022-09-07

The Division of Anatomy of Vienna, together with the Medical Imaging Cluster (MIC) of the Medical University of Vienna and the Austrian BioImaging/CMI, our Node in Austria, will host an international, hands-on Tutorial and networking meeting on HREM ...

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