Elixir login - for returning users:

Note: Euro-BioImaging previously used ELIXIR AAI to identify users, but ELIXIR AAI has been migrated to the new Life Science Login. The instructions below are still for ELIXIR AAI, and while the overall workflow for Life Science Login should be similar, details may differ. The ELIXIR AAI – Life Science Login migration is a gradual process, and the instructions below will be updated as soon as all necessary information is available. In problem situations, please contact helpdesk@eurobioimaging.eu.

After you press the Elixir login button:

  • Select your identity provider, e.g. your university or Google (at the top it may show your previous selection, which you can directly click) and you will be redirected to your respective identity provider website.
  • Login to your identity provider by typing in your username and password.
  • Accept transfer of information from your identity provider to Elixir (Information to be Provided to Service) by clicking on the "Accept" button at the bottom of your screen (you can also choose “Do not ask me again”)
  • Accept transfer of information from Elixir to Euro-BioImaging (Consent about releasing personal information) by clicking on the green colored"Yes, continue" button(you can also choose “Do not ask again”)
  • You are now logged in to Euro-BioImaging! A green “access menu” appears below the main menu

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