Italian fund for Euro-BioImaging user access grants

Euro-BioImaging ERIC now offers a new financial instrument to support user access, funded by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research. After successfully applying for access via an application submitted to the Euro-BioImaging web portal, transnational users travelling from or to Italy to visit Euro-BioImaging Nodes can be supported with their travel, lodging, and access costs according to the scheme outlined below.


Euro-BioImaging users belonging to the two following categories are eligible for these grants:

  • Researchers whose home Institution is based in Italy accessing Euro-BioImaging Nodes hosted by other Countries. In this case the grants will be of up to €2.500 and can be used by users to cover:
    • Travel
    • Lodging expenses
  • Researchers coming from Countries other than Italy accessing Euro-BioImaging Nodes based in Italy. In this case the grants will be of up to €7.500 and can be used by users to cover:
    • Travel
    • Lodging expenses
    • Access costs:
      • Operational costs by the Node
      • Costs for additional services
      • Consumables
      • Shipment costs
      • Other costs as relevant
      • Costs related to virtual/remote access

Users should indicate in their user access application form if they wish to apply for an Italian user access grant. Eligibility will be checked by the Euro-BioImaging Hub. If the user project is eligible, scientifically sound and technically feasible, the grant will be awarded, until consumption of the available budget, on a first come, first served basis.

The grants will be delivered as reimbursements to the users and/or to their hosting Institutions after presentation of the related receipts/invoices. Please note: the party receiving the reimbursement is liable for any tax that should be imposed upon receipt of the reimbursement. Users will be provided with more details after award of the grants.

Please contact us at if you wish to have more information or need support for applying for a user access grant.

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