ABiS-GBI 2023 course - Image data: image analysis, data management and reuse

Date: 2023-07-02 to 2023-07-07

Event description

This course is jointly organzied by Global BioImaging (GBI) and Advanced Bioimaging Support (ABiS), an imaging infrastructure in Japan. The course will feature an overarching topic of image data including image analysis, data management and image data repositories.    

During 3-5 July, the course will kick-off at the National Institute for Basic Biology in Okazaki, Japan and will feature the following: an image analysis component, both theoretical and practical sessions (duration: 2-2.5 days) taught by Ignacio Arganda-Carreras (Network of European BioImage Analysts [NEUBIAS]), Kagayaki Kato (NIBB, Japan) and Yusaku Ohata (NIBB, Japan) and two seminars featuring OMERO data management software and IDR image repository delivered by Open Microscopy Environment (OME) members, Jean-Marie Burel and Petr Walczysko.  The image analysis topics that will be covered in Okazaki include the following:

    Image acquisition, formats and handling images
    Registration and stitching
    Segmentation and thresholding

During 6-7 July, the course will continue at RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research in Kobe, Japan and will feature workshops on OMERO data management software and seminars featuring BioImage Archive image repository delivered by Matthew Hartley (EMBL-EBI, United Kingdom) and SSBD database delivered by Shuichi Onami (RIKEN BDR, Japan).

This course will also provide opportunities for the participants to network with each other and instructors.

The course is open to image analysts who provide image analysis as a service and imaging facility staff and managers as well as service providers in imaging/microscopy and image analysis.

Travel grants are available!

This course is limited to 25 places and will take place in-person only.

More information & to apply

Event web-page: https://globalbioimaging.org/international-training-courses/abis-gbi-2023-cours

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