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Euro-BioImaging and EU-Openscreen sign a collaboration agreement to boost their joint support of the European Life Science community

Yesterday, at the meeting of ESFRI Research Infrastructures in the life sciences, Euro-BioImaging and EU-Openscreen signed a collaboration agreement to boost their joint support of the European Life Science community.


Publication of the July 2019 EuBI newsletter

Here's the latest Euro-BioImaging newsletter! Including exciting updates and opportunities from Global BioImaging, COMULIS, the BioImageArchive, our IndustryBoard and EOSC-Life. Read it here:


Euro-BioImaging ERIC will launch with at least 15 founding members

Since May 2016, Euro-BioImaging has enjoyed a successful interim operation; offering life scientists open access to imaging services across its 29 Nodes Candidates throughout Europe. The next step is ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) status, and this will be launched with at least 15 founding members: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland (the legal host), France, Hungary, Israel, Italy (site of the Med Hub), Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, UK and the intergovernmental organisation, EMBL (site of the Bio Hub).


EMBL-EBI announces the launch of the BioImage Archive

With the advances in modern imaging technologies, the wealth of digital imaging data is rising exponentially. While this will lead to exciting breakthroughs, new challenges are also presenting themselves. The storage of data, its complexity and interoperability are but a few of the challenges for today’s life scientists. In response to these modern imaging trends, EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) is expanding its remit to include bioimaging data.


Global BioImaging has opened its international job shadowing program - apply today!

Job shadowing is a "on-the-job" learning opportunity, thanks to which technical and managerial staff working in an imaging core facility has the opportunity to visit peers across the globe and learn from them. Essentially, imaging facility shadowing involves working with another experienced member of staff in a different facility who might have longer experience, provide open user access, operate a different set of imaging technologies, and so on.