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Bulgaria: 15th signatory joining Euro-BioImaging Interim Board

Bulgarian Ministry for Education and Science signed the Memorandum of Understanding to work together with other 13 European countries and EMBL on implementation of Euro-BioImaging. This is a remarkable step forward for Euro-BioImaging and am important sign that establishment of imaging infrastructure is of highest importance for all regions of Europe. Stoyno Stoynov from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Anastas Gospodinov from the Bulgarian Academy of Science have been in close contact with Euro-BioImaging since its preparatory phase.


Portugal joins Euro-BioImaging Interim Board as 14th member

In January, Portugal signed the Memorandum of Understanding to work with 12 European countries and EMBL on establishment of  Euro-BioImaging.  Portugal is represented by Dr. Paula Sampaio, Head of Advanced Light Microscopy Facility, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology in Lisbon, and  Prof. Miguel Castelo-Branco, from Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Life Sciences, University of Coimbra.



More European countries are showing interest in joining and constructing Euro-BioImaging

Interest in implementation of the Euro-BioImaging ERIC is growing among European countries. Beside 12 European countries and EMBL that are currently represented in the Interim Board, observers from 5 other countries decided to closely follow activities leading to the establishment of Euro-BioImaging. Austria, Hungary Portugal, Sweden, and the German Research Foundation are now participating in IB meetings as observers.


NEWS on EuBI Legal: Euro-BioImaging ERIC decided by Interim Board

In October 2014 Euro-BioImaging took a big step forward towards seting-up its own legal personality, which will enable the official start of Euro-BioImaging operation. The  Euro-BioImaging Interim Board (IB) decided that the "European Research Infrastructure Consortium" (ERIC) should be the future legal framework for Euro-BioImaging. This will allow Euro-BioImaging to have a legal personality recognized in participating EU member states and to enjoy the privileges linked to it.


Nobel prize for microscopy

Nobel prize was awarded today for the revolutionary developments in super-resolution microscopy. Stefan Hell, Eric Betzig and William Moerner have been honoured today with the highest scientific award for making major progress in imaging technologies. Stefan Hell developed principles of Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED)  microscopy and Eric Betzig and William Moerner laid the foundation for single molecule microscopy. Both methods allow scientists to visualize individual molecules in cells on nanometre range, a resolution that was until recently considered unreachable.