CORBEL – Setting the framework for common services by the ESFRI research infrastructures in biological and medical sciences


The CORBEL consortium comprises all ESFRI research infrastructures in the life sciences – including Euro-BioImaging (EuBI) -, and it is coordinated by ELIXIR, the distributed research infrastructure for life-science data.  CORBEL is a € 14.5 million project funded by EC H2020 for over four years, and provides the means to establish and support a new model for biological and medical research in Europe by harmonizing user access to resources, unifying data management and creating common ethical and legal services.

The project builds on existing efforts within the BioMedBridges project and others to develop the tools, services and data management required by cutting-edge European research projects. Within the CORBEL Use Cases, EuBI, INSTRUCT, ISBE and ELIXIR for example provide their services to advanced researches to investigate cellular complexes and macromolecular machines using methods from the nano- to the micrometer scale, including 3D information, super-resolution microscopy and functional imaging – with data integration as a common activity thread. This will make it possible for Europe’s research infrastructures to open up their services to researchers throughout the scientific community.

“Corbel provides us with the unique and timely opportunity to continue our work on data integration, and extend our efforts to harmonize physical user access across these essential research infrastructures,” says EMBL Senior Scientist Jan Ellenberg. “This will open a new dimension of opportunities for cutting-edge research in Europe.”