MoU signed between National Imaging Facility, Australia and Euro-BioImaging, advancing imaging science.


On the 8th of May 2014 Euro-BioImaging and the National Imaging Facility, Australia have jointly signed a Memorandum of Understanding that recognises the desire of both research infrastructures to enter a mutually beneficial alliance in supporting the advancement of scientific research. NIF was represented by Graham Galloway (Director of Operations). Oliver Speck, Pamela Zolda and Marcin Ciuk attended the event on behalf of  Euro-BioImaging. As formal dignitaries for the establishment of this collaboration, Ms Nicola Gordon-Smith, Deputy Head of Mission, Australian Embassy to Belgium and Luxembourg and Mission to the European Union and NATO, and Dr Octavi Quintana-Trias, Principal Adviser, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, were present at the signing ceremony.

The signing ceremony of this Memorandum of Understanding was held at the Australian Embassy, as part of the ‘Connecting Global Research Infrastructure – European Union-Australia Healthy Aging Workshop ’. The workshop aimed to maintain continued dialog between large scale research infrastructures in both Australia and Europe, focusing on scientific management, training of expertise, and access and preservation of large and complex data.