3rd Euro-BioImaging Stakelholder Meeting, 2012

Euro-BioImaging welcomes 250 European Stakeholders!


The 3rd Euro-BioImaging Stakeholder Meeting took place on January 30th/ 31st 2012 at EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany. 250 stakeholders from all over Europe attended.

The meeting aimed to inform the audience about the overall project progress in 2011 (Euro-BioImaging Survey, Proof-of-Concept Studies, national Euro-BioImaging related initiatives) and to discuss the progress, future perspectives and various initiatives in parallel, work package specific break-out sessions.

In the opening session the Euro-BioImaging Scientific Coordinators, Jan Ellenberg and Stefan Schönberg presented the overall project progress. Christian Renner (DFG) and Graham Cameron (EBI) introduced the ERA - Instruments initiative and the ESFRI BMS project ELIXIR, respectively. 

After the plenary session attendees broke up in smaller groups and attended the discussions of work package break-out sessions. The outcome of the break-out session discussions was presented by work package chairs in a concluding plenary session.

Please find the presentation slides and summaries of break-out sessions below. 

The next Euro-BioImaging Stakeholder Meeting will take place in January 2013 in Vienna.

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