International Training Courses for Core Facility Staff

One of the key activities of the Global BioImaging project is to organise advanced training courses for Core Facility Staff on the subjects of facility management and image data tools. The goal is to develop a new educational program for facility staff while stimulating facility staff's networking and international cooperation.

The two first international courses of the Global BioImaging project took place back-to-back at the EMBL in Heidelberg (Germany) in November 2016:
  • “Challenges in image data management and analysis" - Nov 13-15th, 2016
  • “Management and operation of imaging core facilities" - Nov 16-18th, 2016
The course in “Management and operation of imaging core facilities” provided an educational program for facility staff in the field of facility management and administration. It entailed a session on soft skills training, the presentation of case studies of imaging facilities in the fields of biological and biomedical imaging as well as visits to company-owned imaging centres.
The course on “Challenges in image data management and analysis” presented the capabilities and technologies currently available to imaging facility staff in the field of image data management and analysis. Awareness was raised on the current challenges in the field and the course participants were provided with a new set of tools (and references) that can be used tackle such challenges and improve their own facility’s working life.
The successful implementation of the course in image data management and the recognised need for this type of trainings in the imaging community prompted GBI and Japan's ABiS to evaluate the opportunity of co-organising a training event on image data analysis pipelines. This effort led to the successful organization of the first
  • GBI-ABiS international training course for Bioimage Analysis - Oct 31-Nov 1st, 2018, Okinawa, Japan.
This course will focus on computational methods for analysing cellular images and extracting quantitative data from them. Its aim is to familiarise the participants with computational image analysis methodologies, and to provide hands-on training in running quantitative analysis pipelines. Young investigators, such as PhD students and postdoc, as well as assistant professors and imaging facilities technical staff are encouraged to apply. A limited number of travel grants provided by ABiS will be awarded to applicants selected on the basis of their qualifications and fitness to the purpose of the course.
For more information and to apply to the course, please visit the dedicated ABiS webpage!