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The Imaging Facility at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (Oeiras-Portugal), is searching for 3 talented microscopists/imaging specialists/developers to hire immediately!


1. An imaging specialist (PhD, contract) with experience with wide-field+deconv and confocal (spinningDisk and/or LASERscan)

The position includes a full contract in the context of project ref POCI-01-0145-FEDER-022122, entitled “PPBI – Portuguese Platform for Bioimaging research infrastructure”.

Deadline for applications is 13th December 2018.

Conditions + instructions explained here:

The selected candidate will be responsible for supporting the users by providing training and assistance in imaging techniques and bioimage analysis, as well as basic maintenance and quality control of optical microscopes, and will integrate the facility-team (

2. A PhD, contract to continue development of our OpenSpin light-sheet and OPenT mesoscopy projects, and support users with mesoscopic and 2-photon 3D imaging.

Experience with optical systems, optomechanics/electronics and programming languages are desired.
Call opening in the next days - send an email to for more details.

3. A MsC, fellowship to rear embryos/cultures, support imaging specialists and help users prepare samples for 3D imaging, including multimodal imaging.

Call opening in the next days - send an email to for more details.

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC) is a research institute devoted to biological and biomedical research, innovative training and to transforming society through science. The values IGC thrives to and aims to spread to society are scientific excellence, originality, communication, tolerance and cooperation. The IGC's imaging facility is the home of >20 different microscopes (WFs, Confocals, 2P...), including the OpenSpinMicroscopy platform (one of the 1st open-source dLSMs worldwide), of OPenT (the 1st fully open-source OPT scanner), and the 1st home-built dSTORM in Portugal. The facility is one of the most comprehensive in the country (& worldwide), providing optical imaging from nano to 3D meso/macro scale. We support a population of >200 users/y with a combined total of almost 20Kh, including support with experimental planning, image acquisition and bioimage data analysis. More details about our technologies and services are available at the website:

Portugal has just been elected, for the 2nd consecutive year, the "best world destination" according to the World Travel Awards. A beautiful country with lovely and welcoming people, great food and weather, and a panoply of natural beauties to discover, all of which can be found also @IGC campus! 

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