WP11: Data Storage & Analysis


The Working Group Data Storage and Analysiswill perform a series of tasks to define a European Biomedical Imaging Data Storage and Analysis infrastructure plan for the construction phase.
The key objectives will be:
  • to identify the type of data and metadata that will be stored, curated and made accessible in the context of Euro-BioImaging
  • to identify the needs of clinical imaging trials and population imaging
  • to define and promote best practices and standardized protocols for biomedical image acquisition
  • to identify procedures to comply with data protection and data privacy directives
  • to contribute to standardization for storing images and meta data
  • to define tools for ensuring data quality, data curation and annotation
  • to develop a plan for interoperability of existing biomedical image analysis platforms and open platforms for biological and medical image analysis
  • to organize a repository of validated image analysis tools organized by tasks
  • to plan biomedical image databases annotated with ground truth and gold-standard for validation and benchmarking of algorithms
  • to develop on-line and hands-on training and education programs in biomedical image processing
  • to develop a plan for effective access to infrastructures that support large scale image computing
Work Package Chairs
Wiro Niessen (Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Michael Unser (École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland)