Industry Access to Biological and Biomedical Imaging

Do you work for a company in Biotech, Pharma, Health or Agricultural Research and are looking for access to cutting-edge imaging technologies?

Whether your company is looking for single or regular access to a specific instrument or technology in your geographical region or for high-profile technical experts for international collaborations, we will help you find the best R&D partner for your research focus and business model.

Euro-BioImaging can provide solutions for all your specific imaging needs, for example:

high-throughput screening of cells, spheroids and organoids; super resolution microscopy (incl MINFLUX and SMLM); electron microscopy (incl. cryo- and volumeEM); molecular imaging and tracer development; clinical and preclinical PET/CT, PET/MRI and (ultra) high field MRI; imaging under BSL1 to BSL3; advanced image analysis tools; population imaging

Euro-BioImaging offers

  • Single entry point to more than 170 imaging facilities
  • Free and confidential consultation
  • Simple access procedure and support
  • Flexible service
  • Competitive pricing for research services

Our imaging services for industry – case studies

Case study 1 – Organ-on-a-chip

Confocal laser scanning microscopy was used for the quality control and characterization of a blood-brain-barrier model developed at a partner SME. Learn more.

Case study 2 – Drug delivery

Correlative Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) microscopy can be used for high-resolution, chemically specific imaging of drug nanoparticles in cell culture and tissues. Learn more.

Case study 3 – Tissue perfusion and oxygenation

Photo Acoustic Imaging (PAI) is a label-free technology with high spatial resolution in tissues up to centimeters thick that can be used to monitor tumour hypoxia. Learn more.

We help you find the right solution!

You could not find the service you are looking for? Euro-BioImaging is offering access to more than 100 distinct imaging technologies covering all scales from atomic resolution to whole human body imaging. We also provide related services such as sample preparation, cell culture, plant and animal facilities, and image data analysis.

Contact us directly to discuss your imaging needs:

How does it work?

Our process is adapted to the needs of industry users. You can contact us directly to arrange a first consultation with our technology experts and discuss your imaging needs.

Euro-BioImaging will identify (a) suitable imaging facility/-ies that can provide the technical services you require and put you in direct contact with the responsible access manager. You will need to provide sufficient details on your research project to the facility to be able to assess whether your project is technically feasible and provide an estimate of time and costs.

Confidentiality of your proposal is guaranteed throughout the matchmaking and consultation process.

After you have agreed on a service or collaboration with one or more of our facilities, you will sign a Service Level Agreement or Collaboration Agreement with the facility (depending on the nature of your project) and can schedule your visit.

Euro-BioImaging will work with you closely to set up an effective collaboration with our partners.

Terms & Conditions

Use of the webportal:

Manufacturers and developers in the Imaging sector

Manufacturers and developers in the Imaging sector Euro-BioImaging and the Euro-BioImaging Nodes have close collaborations with technology companies for the development and implementation of new technologies and applications.

Jointly with industry partners, we develop solutions for e.g. multi-modal correlative imaging (IMAGINE project), transmission electron microscopy (IMPRESS project) or image data management and analysis tools for marine biology (ANERIS project).

Our Euro-BioImaging Industry Board offers opportunities to exchange directly with our >170 facilities and participate in workshops, webinars and technology expert groups. Our pan-European network can connect stakeholders with a common interest in biological and biomedical imaging.

How you can work with us

  • Technology expert groups
  • Exchange of experience
  • Workshops
  • Company webinars
  • Joint training activities

Want to learn more?

Contact us:


Claudia Pfander

Industry Liaison &
Industry Board Coordinator

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