Correlative Multimodal Imaging Workshop - by COMULISglobe @ FOM2024

Date: 2024-03-21 to 2024-03-22

In collaboration with the organizers of the Focus on Microscopy meeting in Genoa, March 24-27, 2024, COMULISglobe is hosting a workshop on correlative multimodal imaging that will take place from March 21-22. This workshop is co-organised with the SeeLife, MOSBRI and RI-Hubs consortia.

The workshop will include lectures from the COMULISglobe team and local hosts, as well as laboratory demonstrations on various microscopy modalities - including AFM, TauSTED, MINFLUX, FLIM, FIB-SEM, and TEM. A session on correlation of images will also be included. 

You can register here:
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