Light-sheet in Action Meeting

Date: 2024-04-22 to 2024-04-22

The Francis Crick Institute, part of our UK Node is pleased to invite you to Light-sheet in Action,a one-day symposium providing an opportunity to discuss structural and dynamic light-sheet microscopy from the scale of single cells to whole animals across three themes:

  • Clearing: deep imaging in large and small cleared samples, clearing protocols, structural analyses
  • Mesoscale: gentle or long-term live imaging, embryos/organoids development, differentiation
  • Cellular dynamics: fast and/or high resolution imaging, cellular & intracellular dynamics, functional imaging

The aim of this day is to inform and inspire, share successes and challenges, and learn together about using light-sheet microscopy in research. The symposium is aimed at all prospective and existing scientists using light-sheet microscopy, from those thinking of using it for the first time, to the established researchers using and developing methodology and technology.

Please save the date for this Symposium (or rather, SPIMposium!)

Monday 22nd April 2024  10:00 - 18:30 at The Francis Crick Institute, London, UK.

More preliminary information about poster, registration and program are available at the Symposium website:

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