Montreal Light Microscopy Course (MLMC) Fundamentals - Train the Trainer

Date: 2023-07-23 to 2023-07-28

Event description

Montreal Light Microscopy Course (MLMC) Fundamentals - Train the Trainer course is jointly organized by Global BioImaging, Canada BioImaging, the bioimaging network in Canada, and BioImaging North America.

This course is designed in the format of "train the trainers" and is aimed at imaging scientists who plan to run courses on fundamental topics in light microscopy for their own imaging communities. It is not a microscopy course but a course to train imaging scientists how to run their courses and user training. The course will be taught in a way to provide participants with suggested content for each topic, annotated lecture slides, hands-on laboratory activities, trainer guides and a information for course organization and logistics. Topics will be presented as modules and the course faculty and participants will have dynamic discussions including ways to add to and share module content and continuously improve what can be offered. Participants will be encouraged to prepare and present a poster describing their imaging platform during the course.

Travel grants are available!

This course is limited to 24 places and will take place in-person only.

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