Join our Special Edition Virtual Pub: Showcasing Stories & Research from ISIDORe Users

Published: 2023-06-15

On Friday, June 23, at 13:00 CEST we are organizing a Special Edition Virtual Pub with our ISIDORe users. The session will highlight the researchers' experience, science and preliminary findings in a number of biological or biomedical imaging projects on infectious diseases which are supported by our Euro-Bioimaging Nodes and the ISIDORe project


Infectious disease research projects

An exciting array of imaging technologies have been deployed to support these scientists, who are studying topics as diverse as the impact of SARS-CoV-2 on cardiovascular systems, infection biology of monkeypox or malaria infection. For each of these researchers, access to the high-end imaging technologies and expertise at Euro-BioImaging Nodes has opened doors and given them new perspectives  for advancing their projects and building new collaborations. The scientists will tell about their research projects and share their experience how ISIDORe and Euro-BioImaging support their science on infectious diseases. 

Opportunities for funding

In addition, our Euro-BioImahing ERIC project manager in ISIDORe, Arina Rybina, will give an overview about the ongoing ISIDORe TNA Calls delving into multiple opportunities this unique Horizon Europe funded initiative holds to support research on epidemic prone diseases. In addition, Euro-BioImaging Image Data Coordinator, Aastha Mathur, explains how infectious disease imaging datasets can be stored and reused in public repositories, in collaboration with the By-COVID project.

Who should attend

Infectious disease researchers, students, Node staff, industry partners, and imaging enthusiasts are all invited to this community event designed to showcase international research on infectious diseases and stories from the ISIDORe project – while establishing a platform for open discussions, exchange and networking.

Talk titles & speakers

“Free Access to Euro-BioImaging Services through ISIDORe TNA Calls - research on Infectious Diseases”

“Multiscale 3D imaging of SARS-CoV-2 infected hearts using phase contrast X-ray tomography"

“Nanoscale engagement of Sars-CoV-2 Spike protein in membrane lipid rafts”

“Poxvirus-induced extracellular vesicles in infection and cell biology”

“Automatic pipeline for brain autoradiography image analysis”

"Malaria parasites in the mosquito: Imaging the needle in the haystack"

“Mobilization of image datasets to Open repositories"

Chaired by: Arina Rybina, Euro-BioImaging

Full program:

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