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Euro-BioImaging is a research infrastructure that offers open access to imaging technologies, training and data services in biological and biomedical imaging. Euro-BioImaging consists of imaging facilities, called Nodes, that have opened their doors to all life science researchers.

Gateway to European biological and biomedical imaging

Euro-BioImaging’s mission is to provide you with imaging services that bridge biological and biomedical imaging and facilitate innovative and world-class research. Whatever the scale of your imaging, Euro-BioImaging will give you the tools and support to explore and answer your research questions.

Access to imaging technologies: We offer access to a range of imaging technologies to allow you image across the scales at one of our 41 Nodes, located in 18 countries and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, EMBL.

Expert training and support: Each Node is staffed with personnel who can provide the support required to maximise the output of your research project. Guidance is available for all aspects of the imaging pipeline, from study design to image capture. In addition, we provide access to training courses for all different levels of expertise.

Image data management: We help you store and disseminate your data and extract meaningful conclusions from your imaging.

Current activities


In the past four years, Euro-BioImaging has made considerable progress towards building an internationally recognised and pre-eminent open-access imaging research infrastructure. With an incredibly active community of 41 Nodes and 192 imaging facilit...


We are thrilled to share a glimpse of our productive one-day mini workshop where Euro-BioImaging met with enthusiastic members of the Estonian bioimaging community. This engaging session was held to discuss national coordination and explore pote...


This month, the Journal of Microscopy has a themed issue on imaging core facilities and many Euro-BioImaging Node staff have contributed. Check out these insightful articles and help us spread the word! Journal of Microscopy "Innovating in a bioima...


Christian Dullin, an expert in preclinical studies at the University Medical Center Göttingen, and Giuliana Tromba, in charge of Euro-BioImaging’s Phase Contrast Imaging Node, have been collaborating for many years. Their collaboration began in 20...


To advance the understanding of cancer and accelerate ground-breaking discoveries and their translation into clinical applications, the canSERV consortium invites cancer researchers world-wide to apply for free access to cutting-edge research service...

2024-09-30 to 2024-10-02

The annual Czech-BioImaging conference "Imaging Principles of Life 2024", scheduled to take place from September 30th to October 2nd, 2024, in Hustopeče (Moravian region), Czechia. The conference presents a nice opportunity to network, have a chat w...

2024-06-11 to 2024-06-14

It is our pleasure to invite you to the next European Joint Theory/Experiment Meeting on Membranes (EJTEMM) to be organized in the nice Hungarian city of Debrecen between June 12-14, 2024, in collaboration with our Cellu...

2024-09-16 to 2024-09-27

Light microscopy and biomedical imaging communities use imaging to answer complex research questions in health and disease. However, these two communities have been traditionally isolated from each other leading to potential loss in collaborative opp...

2024-06-12 to 2024-06-14

If you are interested in microscopy and would like to acquire images in high resolution to describe and reveal structures behind the limit of the resolution, do not miss the practical course on "Super-resolution in Light Microscopy" taking place...

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