Regarding Usage

Why should I use Euro-BioImaging?

You get quality-controlled, validated services that significantly improve your chances of getting high-quality, reliable research data successfully and cost-effectively. You get expert help at every step of the way, we process applications quickly and do everything we can to make sure your imaging needs will be met - it's in our interest as much as yours, because we are here to serve the life science research community, not to make profit. Through Euro-BioImaging you are able to access numerous imaging technologies and other services that you might not easily find otherwise. The image data and metadata acquired during User access at a Euro-BioImaging Node belong to the User. We also constantly collect feedback and improve our services, and update the technologies we focus on. Having your imaging done as a Euro-BioImaging project can also aid you in funding acquisition and publishing. Finally, nearly all our users have been very happy with the services they have received, and have reported them to have concretely benefited their work.

How do I apply to Euro-BioImaging?

That depends on what services you want to use. If you wish to obtain access to imaging technologies, click on the “Technologies” tab, choose the service(s) you are interested in and submit a proposal. See here for more information. If you wish to apply for training, click on the “Training” tab to learn more. Use of general Euro-BioImaging data services does not require applying, but if you wish to get your data, analysis tool or workflow included in these services, you need to contact us first. Click on the “Data” tab to learn more. Please remember that after using Euro-BioImaging services, you may be required to submit feedback, such as always after accessing imaging technologies.

What do I do if I do not know the most suitable imaging technology for my project?

You can either contact us beforehand at info@eurobioimaging.eu, and we can help you identify the suitable technology, and/or you can submit a technology access proposal without specifying any technology (in the “Technologies” tab, click “Others” and then choose “Unknown service/technology”, and then proceed to submit your proposal). We will then identify a suitable technology for you when processing your application.

I am not working in a Euro-BioImaging member country. Can I still apply?

Yes. Anyone is welcome to apply to use Euro-BioImaging services.

How do I acknowledge Euro-BioImaging?

In any publication or presentation that contains data or results obtained with Euro-BioImaging services, please remember to always add an acknowledgement to Euro-BioImaging with a sentence such as "The authors acknowledge Euro-BioImaging (www.eurobioimaging.eu) for providing access to imaging technologies and services via the XXX Node (City, Country)". This acknowledging is critical to ensure the continued existence of Euro-BioImaging! Also, please remember to report any publications to us after your project has been completed (you will be instructed about this separately).

Regarding Funding

Are there any funding opportunities for user access?

Check here for possible funding opportunities.

Regarding Membership

Is my country a member in Euro-BioImaging ERIC?

You can check on the “About us” tab. There, under “Who We Are” you will find a map that shows all the current members. The map may also indicate countries which are in the process of becoming members, but have not yet completed the process, shown as Observer countries.

How can my facility participate in Euro-BioImaging?

First your country needs to be a member of Euro-BioImaging. See the map in “Who We Are” (under the “About us” tab) to see if it is. If it is, contact us at info@eurobioimaging.eu and we will tell you more about how your facility can join. If your country is not a member, you need to convince your government to join. We can help with that as well, contact info@eurobioimaging.eu for more information.

Regarding Services

Does Euro-BioImaging offer training courses on imaging technologies?

Yes. Click on the “Training” tab to see a list of available courses. Note, however, that Euro-BioImaging training activities are still under development, and a full training module will become available on this portal later on. Note also that if you visit a Node to access imaging technologies, the Node will provide you with the necessary training to use the said technologies

Can Euro-BioImaging help me with my image data?

Yes. The Node that you conducted your experiment at will help you with the image data acquired there. If you haven’t acquired your data at any Node, you can still contact us at info@eurobioimaging.eu and we can see what we can do to help. Euro-BioImaging also offers general image data services that may be of help, click on the “Data” tab to learn more.

Regarding Errors

I got an error message when I tried to log in. How to fix it?

Try using private browsing mode. You can also take a look at the LS Login instructions found here.