Mission, Vision & Values


We empower researchers with open access to innovative biological and biomedical imaging technologies, expertise, data services, and training. We enable cutting-edge research and contribute to addressing pressing societal challenges. As an ERIC and an ESFRI Landmark Research Infrastructure, Euro-BioImaging contributes to the overall competitiveness of the European Research Area.


Euro-BioImaging envisions a future where the seamless integration of cutting-edge imaging technologies transforms the landscape of life sciences, driving unparalleled discoveries and innovations. Our vision is rooted in the belief that unrestricted access to advanced imaging tools will empower a global community of researchers, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where scientific boundaries are continuously pushed.

Core Values

At Euro-BioImaging, core values are based on the overall mission and goals, and they reflect the principles and values that are important to the organisation, its stakeholders, its users and the life science community at large. The core values are as follows.


Euro-BioImaging continuously strives for scientific excellence and reproducibility, including the development and provision of imaging technologies and services, the support of research and the promotion of collaboration and cooperation.

Ethics and integrity

Euro-BioImaging is transparent and accountable for all of its operations and is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in the planning, acquisition, interpretation and dissemination of data, and to acting with integrity and honesty in all of its activities.


Euro-BioImaging is inclusive and welcoming to all researchers and stakeholders, regardless of their background, discipline, geographic location or personal circumstance.


Euro-BioImaging is responsive to the needs and concerns of its users, service providers, technology developers and stakeholders, and is willing to adapt and evolve in response to changing situations.


Euro-BioImaging is committed to sustainable practices and principles, aiming to operate sustainably by minimising its environmental impact and promoting responsible use of resources.