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With the advances in imaging technology, more and more new technologies are available to users, making training in the correct use of the technologies and the connected sample preparation and data analysis crucial. The Euro-BioImaging Nodes offer a wide range of training opportunities.

Training opportunities at Euro-BioImaging Nodes cover the full spectrum of technologies available from biological to biomedical imaging as well as sample preparation and handling, and image data analysis. Some courses are taught remotely and virtually, increasing their accessibility. As a general rule, the courses combine theory and hands on learning.

The training courses at the Euro-Bioimaging Nodes are:

  • Available for users, students and facility staff
  • Taught in English
  • Open for anyone to apply to

Training at Euro-BioImaging Nodes

Below is a curated list of training courses available at Euro-BioImaging Nodes. If you would like to see a list of all of the training courses and events in the database powered by MicroscopyDB, please visit the From our partners page.

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