International partners

Euro-BioImaging has close working relationships with imaging facilities and networks around the globe and has signed agreements with a number of them. We can facilitate collaboration with these facilities. In addition to the bilateral agreements with imaging facilities and infrastructures, we are an active member of the Global BioImaging community, actively contributing to the global network of imaging core facility staff. For more information on our global collaborations, find out more about Global BIoImaging.

International Partners

Advanced BioImaging Support (ABiS)

Advanced BioImaging Support (ABiS) is a Japanese infrastructure established by MEXT in 2016 to provide scientists with free access to advanced bioimaging resources and technical support, aiming to enhance life sciences research in Japan.


India BioImaging, inspired by Euro-BioImaging, is a consortium established in 2012 providing Indian researchers with open access to imaging technologies, expertise, and training in biological sciences, aiming to enhance research capabilities beyond their home institutions.

Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

The Institut Pasteur de Montevideo is a non-profit foundation in Uruguay focused on advancing research in human biology, biomedicine, and molecular pathology, offering educational programs and working on discoveries and inventions to further scientific progress in these areas.

Microscopy Australia

Microscopy Australia offers a nationwide network of university-based microscopy facilities, providing open access to a wide range of instruments and expertise across multiple research disciplines, facilitated by their online tool, Techfi™.

National Imaging Facility

The National Imaging Facility (NIF) is an Australian collaborative network offering open access to state-of-the-art imaging technologies and expertise across molecular imaging, human imaging, and imaging for animals, plants, and materials, established in 2007 under the NCRIS program.


SingaScope is a Singapore-wide microscopy infrastructure network funded by the national research foundation, aiming to connect researchers with biological and biomedical microscopy resources across institutions, supported by an online database and app for easy access.

The Canadian Network of Scientific Platforms

The Canadian Network of Scientific Platforms (CNSP), established in 2017, is a nationwide network supporting multidisciplinary research infrastructure, with Canada BioImaging as its inaugural technology node, representing around 100 imaging facilities from 40 universities and institutions.