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New imaging technologies have, and will continue to, revolutionise Life Sciences and the understanding of health and disease. As the open research infrastructure for imaging technologies in Europe, Euro-BioImaging ERIC (Euro-BioImaging) enables biological and medical researchers to access cutting-edge equipment and expertise needed for their projects.

In this regard, close collaboration between Euro-BioImaging ERIC and Industry is key to the success of the infrastructure: On one hand to continuously include the latest technology developments from leading companies in the sector, and on the other hand to provide cutting-edge imaging, image analysis and non-tech services tailored to the specific needs of SME and industrial users.

There are a number of ways in which companies engage with Euro-BioImaging - whether you are a manufacturer developing new imaging technologies or leading a company R&D project in need of imaging expertise and the latest instruments.

Access Services

Euro-BioImaging gives you access to 120+ cutting-edge biological and biomedical imaging technologies across all scales. We also offer Image Data Analysis as a Service to help you make the most of your image data.

  • Fully confidential consultation by our technology experts
  • Attractive fee-for-service model with services tailored to your research needs
  • Service agreement with full IP


Are you looking for competent partners for your imaging project

  • Technology development
  • Methods development
  • National or European funding programmes

We can help you identify the right experts and set up a collaboration!

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Consult with experts

Share your expertise, best practices & ideas and in return learn  from some of the best in their field.

  • More than 10 expert groups on image data, remote access and training, imaging technologies and more
  • Online workshops
  • Stakeholder consultations

Join the community

Participate in one of our many free and open events organized for imaging enthusiasts

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Industry Board

Become a member of our Industry Board for a small annual fee and benefit from

  • Regular meetings with other companies in the imaging sector
  • Annual meeting with experts from 190+ pan‑European imaging facilities
  • Access to information on trends and latest developments in imaging
  • Visibility for your technology or career opportunities
  • Tailored opportunities for companies


We work with different initiatives and programmes globally on training, career development and capacity building for imaging scientist and core facilities.

If you want to support emerging imaging communities or offer opportunities to early career imaging specialists, get in touch with us!

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