How to access

Euro-BioImaging services are available for everyone!

Independent of your area of research, whether you work in academia or industry, your career stage, level of expertise with the needed technology or where you work.  Here’s an overview of the path to access to Euro-BioImaging services.

The User Access Process

Initial Consult

You can use the information on the Euro-BioImaging web portal to select technologies and Nodes that meet your needs. 
If you are not sure what technology is right for your research question or which of our Nodes would provide the best support for your research area, the expert Euro-BioImaging staff are available to provide support and consultation.

Access Proposal Request

After the technologies and Nodes are selected, you can submit an access proposal request.

Scientific Advice

Applications receive scientific advice from external experts to support project development. 

If your project is not requesting funding and has already undergone scientific review - e.g. as part of a funded project, through a PhD committee, Node access evaluation committee or similar -  the proposal can be fast-tracked to the technical check.

Technical Advice

The selected Node confirms the technical feasibility of the planned work or supports the applicant in developing a feasible plan for use of the requested technology.

Service Provision

Once the access proposal request is granted, the Node contacts the users regarding practicalities for the access, such as planning the visit. 

Contact us at for support and consultation

A successful Euro-BioImaging access request unlocks the power of imaging technologies and provides the expertise that users need to apply state-of-the-art imaging equipment to their project and analyze their results. 

Read about what our users have been able to achieve with access to imaging technologies through Euro-BioImaging here.