Partner Communities

The imaging community is large, diverse, and very active with a wide range of initiatives, community groups, societies, and associations bringing together members of the community around shared interests. Euro-BioImaging Node and Hub members are actively involved in many of these.

Euro-BioImaging has close ties to several of these groups, which represent our external Partner Communities.

Official Euro-BioImaging Partner Communities fulfill the following minimal criteria:

  1. Established community with a defined remit, clear representation and contact points
  2. Open community
  3. Euro-BioImaging Node staff is involved in the community
  4. Aligned with Euro-BioImaging strategic interest and present opportunity for mutual awareness raising

We introduce our Partner Communities below. If you would like to suggest an additional community for consideration as an official partner community, please send us some information to

Partner Communities

COMULISglobe logo


COMULISglobe - the international community for multimodal imaging across scales - aims to connect all who use multimodal, correlative imaging, expand their applications, and train researchers in their use.

ESMI logo

European Society for Molecular Imaging - ESMI

The European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI) represents the scientific community involved in multidisciplinary molecular imaging science.

GloBIAS logo

Global BioImage Analysts’ Society - GloBIAS

Global BioImage Analysts’ Society (GloBIAS) aims to be a worldwide association that brings together all those interested in bioimage analysis. 



QUAREP-LiMi - Quality Assessment and Reproducibility for Images and Instruments in Light Microscopy - aims provide a comprehensive set of community-agreed guidelines, protocols, automation procedures and other resources aimed at improving quality control.

vEM logo

volumeEM - vEM

The vEM community initiative aims to support all those practically involved in volume electron microscopy techniques, to share knowledge, experience and resources to improve access, reliability, throughput and training of vEM techniques and methodologies.

Work with and support for our Partner communities is made possible by funding from the European Union as part of the EVOLVE project

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